Valentine’s Day Favorites + A Giveaway


Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and we have several things to help you and your family celebrate and cultivate the real meaning of love.

Product photography for Ever Thine Home in Little Rock, Arkansas. Photo by Beth Hall

Two years ago, we launched our “Be His” Valentine’s Day cards and ever since, we have been more and more convinced that they are the cutest (and most truth filled!) cards we have ever seen. Yes, we might be biased, but these 15 Valentine cards declaring God’s heart for His children are little cards with BIG truths and a great opportunity to teach your children how to share the gospel with their friends.


You may have noticed (and we HOPE you did!) that we have been using 1 John 4:19 on a lot of our new products this year – “We love because He first loved us.” We want this to be a daily reminder in our families and marriages. We love this new banner with festive red hearts and hung ours in the kitchen so we can all be reminded of His love for us.

Product photography for Ever Thine Home in Little Rock, Arkansas. Photo by Beth Hall

Our “In This Home” Chalkboard  has been a favorite so we created a heart-shaped version to help cultivate love in our homes throughout the year. Written around the edge is “We love because He first loved us.” and “Do not love the things in this world, Love one another. Just as He commanded us.” We are giving away a FREE Heart Chalkboard to one lucky winner! Check out the details of the giveaway at the end of this post! 



We all need role models for love. Each of our “How do I Love Thee” heart shaped cards has a short inspiring story to read about someone who loved very well. Plus it comes with our chain garland which makes the perfect touch for some simple Valentine’s Day decor that also reminds us of what love truly is.

It is our hope that through these products, we will be compelled and reminded to focus on His perfect love this Valentine’s Day and all year.

***GIVEAWAY CLOSED: If you’d like to be entered to win a Heart Chalkboard, leave a comment below with an attribute of love you want to focus on this Valentine’s season. We’ll announce the winner Monday, January 23. Good luck! GIVEAWAY CLOSED!***

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90 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Favorites + A Giveaway”

  1. I went to a dinner where the talk was about choosing us, so I am focusing on strengthening my body with my husband.

  2. Thank you for this opportunity to win the beautiful heart chslkboard❤ I am asking God to fill me with His love, fill me to overflowing…so others around me are encouraged❣

  3. Obedience. Jesus said if you love me, you will obey my commands. It is a little bit of a hold over from last year, when I picked obedience as my word for the year. This year, my word is overcome. It occurred to me that Jesus perfect obedience (love) is how he can say to us that we should take heart, because he has overcome the world.

  4. To be present with my family. No phone, no tv, only eye to eye contact with a heart full of gratitude for the family God blessed me with.

  5. Love is patient . . .and hopeful and always trusts GOD. Even while hoping prayerfully for a grown child to come back to the Lord .

  6. Love does not demand its own way. I tend to always want things my way and I need to focus not only on serving others, especially my husband, but also asking God what his way for me is. My way is not always the best way!

  7. Love is such a beautiful thing and we would not know anything of its beauty if we would not have a God such as our Heavenly Father! Because He first loved us,we can learn,experience, and share His love with others.His love is enduring and selfless! That is what I desire to walk in more and more!

  8. God is the source of all love. Love is His most precious gift to us. It is not a feeling. It is unconditional. One need only look to Christ to see what true love is. His love is perfect. Our lives are to be a reflection of Christ’s love.

    1. Perfect love casts out all fear! All too often I fail to show love in action because of fears. Fear that it won’t be received the way I intend. Fear that I will somehow hinder someone from learning a lesson if I help them. Fear that my act of love won’t be good enough. Fear that if I give of myself, my family will somehow be hindered. I’m praying for God’s sacrificial love to be fleshed out through me, out of a grateful heart for what my loving Savior has done !!

  9. In appreciation of the love that God has shown to me, I want to be loving towards my husband, our children and grandson, regardless of how they treat me. I understand that this will involve doing things for them that I don’t want to do. I also want to be loving and show God’s love towards my extended family and others that I interact with on a daily basis.

  10. “Love is not irritable,” as translated in the NLT. I am often too quick to get irritable with my husband. This V-Day season I hope to focus on acting in kindness and grace even when I’m tired or anxious.

  11. I would like to focus this year on seeing past the sin. Wether my husband, my children or friends do “against me” see their heart. Because I know they love me and they might have said something unkind but they love me. Besides I would also like to be seen past my own sin…..Thank you Father for always seeing me past my sin because of what Jesus did on the cross!!!

  12. Love is kind. Kindness is almost a lost art in this world :(
    May we as children of our Heavenly father show kindness in all
    we do and especially in our everyday family life!

  13. Love is tender hearted. As I am getting older I seem to feel cynical about life’s stuff. John 11 showed Jesus to be so tender hearted towards Mary and Martha. He cried showing his humanity. I want to be that

  14. Love never fails. Human love does, but God’s love spans eternity. I pray for continuing refilling of his love in dealing with my husband, our nine children, three children-in-laws, and two(will be three) grandchildren. Let God’s love shine through me so they draw nearer to Him.

  15. His love enables me to choose joy in my marriage, no matter the diagnosis, struggle, bill. I choose joy and gratitude in my marriage.

  16. Love is not provoked. I have found this to sometimes be challenging, from the elections to dealing with traffic, and so my focus is to work on this, not just in my actual relationships, but in the broader sense.

  17. I would like to focus on faithfulness. Both God’s faithfulness to us and faithfulness in marriage. Praising God for both!

  18. I want to focus on having more patience, with God, my family and friends. They are all so patient with me, and I am so grateful. Help me Lord to wait on You, in all areas of my life and with all people.

  19. I’m going to focus on encouragement this Valentines Day. I want others to feel that what they do (sometimes behind the scenes) is a blessing and encourage them to keep on!

  20. I am focusing on loving by showing mercy rather than judging. Trying to see life through the other persons eyes realizing they may be acting out of wounds and hurt

  21. This year I chose to focus on delight and am trying to delight in spending time with the Lord even more than I do having lunch with a good friend… so that His desires become my desires.
    Take delight in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart. Psalm 37:4

  22. As a caregiver, I want to concentrate on the servanthood of Jesus. Trying to be more aware of my attitude toward the privilege of caring for my husband if 42 years.

  23. 1 Cor: 13: 4-8 begins with “Love is patient…” Extending love to family, friends and everyone else is just one aspect of Paul’s message. For me, more importantly, I want to extend patience in my relationship with the Lord. This is the attribute of love which I will focus on during the next few weeks.

    My love should be patient as I wait for His timing in all things. The Bible urges us to pray fervently and await His response, “For I know the plans I have for you…”(Jer 29:11-13). Our love requires patient submission to His plans as they unfurl, rather than exerting our human agenda. I will continually ask myself, am I loving God by patiently walking alongside as He clears the path for me?

  24. I love this chalkboard! I have been focusing on the merciful aspect of love and haven’t perfected it so continue to make that my goal. :)

  25. Evangela Kienlen

    An attribute of love I want to focus on this year is:unconditional.To love others without any conditions, God has excepted us unclean and with all of our imperfections. And just as HE has excepted, cleansed and love us so shall we love, through disappointments,hurts and pain.The lord is a good father and perfect in many ways, so shall we strive to be more like him daily, loving ourselves and our neighbors as HE has loved us.

  26. Cassandra Duenez

    Lord let me be kind to others who are not kind. Help me to love them flaws and all, because you love me in all my flaws. Amen.

  27. This is a sad time in my life as I have had to leave my husband because of coercive control after 25 years of marriage but my Valentine focus is to pray for him and to remember to love him like God loves him. Prayers are welcome!

  28. I need to focus more on self-sacrificing love to my family and friends. i want to draw on God’s strength to be able to help my family and friends much more this year.

  29. I am focusing on the “others first” quality of love…In a society that promotes a “me first” mentality, I want God to work in me so that others (my children especially) will see that love is not selfish. 1Corin 13:5 says “love is not self seeking” and Philippians 2:3-8 gives us the antidote to selfishness… Humbling ourselves and putting others first like Jesus did. He put us first when he suffered and died… What perfect love!

  30. I’m going to focus on not demanding my own way. I can be very pushy and I know that this is not what God wants from me, from us. I will get better at it, with God’s help

  31. Antoinette alvarez

    This verse is how I know what love really is today. I didn’t know what love was and not until I could experience His love for me that I know what and how to love others. I am 71 years old and am so privileged to know!!!!!

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