The Barbara Rainey Podcast: Making Much of Easter

If you have followed me for very long you are already well aware that Easter is my favorite holiday and, in my view, the pinnacle of all our holidays as believers. Our life would be meaningless if Christ hadn’t died and purchased our salvation. Listen in today and hear how we have elevated Easter despite it not falling in line with our culture as we see happen with Christmas.

On today’s episode of “The Barbara Rainey Podcast,” I talk about our Easter traditions over the years and how important it is to make sure Easter gets the attention it deserves. This year our Easter will look a bit different. We won’t have any of our kids home with us on Easter weekend, and with the busyness of my schedule of balancing Ever Thine Home and seminary courses, I’m sad to say I have very few Easter things out around our home! But I will! And we will honor this day together, just the two of us, with the same excitement and humility before the Lord as in years past when many of our crew were gathered around the table.

You can listen to the podcast here or on popular podcast platforms. 

Ever His, 


P.S. With your gift today of $50 or more, we would love to send you a set of Easter devotional cards. I talk more about them on the podcast, so give it a listen! There are only a few sets of cards in stock, so be sure to request your set now!

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