The Barbara Rainey Podcast: A Mother’s Legacy

As Mother’s Day approaches, I thought it fitting to share this conversation with our daughter, Ashley, on our podcast today. While this particular conversation was recorded several years ago, the things we discussed are definitely still relevant today! We talk about when we understood what leaving a legacy meant to each of us, about feeling like a failure in the hard moments of raising babies, and about what we have learned as mothers. We also talk about our book A Mother’s Legacy that we wrote together a number of years ago.

While for some, if not most of us, the mention of our mother conjures up warm feelings and a flood of sweet memories, not all our memories are sweet. Some of you may find it hard to remember any good memories. Even the best of mothers has made mistakes, but the Lord has a way of redeeming even those moments. If you read through A Mother’s Legacy you will hear stories about how women overcame hard times either as a mother or with their own mother. It is my prayer that as Mother’s Day approaches you are able to celebrate the best moments with your mother and allow the Lord to redeem those not-sweet moments. 

I hope you take a few minutes today and listen to this fun chat between my eldest daughter, myself, and Dennis on one of my favorite subjects, being a mom! You can listen here or on any popular podcast platform.

I pray you are able to celebrate this Mother’s Day with your own family. 

Ever His,


P.S. Today with a gift of $50 or more, we would love to send you a copy of our book, A Mother’s Legacy. You can request your copy of the book here.

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