Thanksgiving Day Story Time

Somehow we think that stories should be read aloud only to little children. Where that idea came from I have no idea but anyone who believes it is missing out on an easy way to build strong connections at home between parents and kids.

When my youngest two were teens I read The Hiding Place to them out loud at bedtime. I loved it and they did too. So here’s an idea for the whole family. This year when you are driving to Grandma’s or Aunt Sue’s for Thanksgiving take along the audio book, Thanksgiving, A Time To Remember and listen as a family to the dramatic reading complete with the creaking of the ship and the sound of rain lashing the sails, soaking the passengers.

And hopefully you’ll enjoy a nice break from sibling squabbles as they listen and enter someone else’s story for forty minutes! And they might learn how to be more grateful; and that is a beautiful thing.

Thanksgiving day story


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