5 Resolutions That Could Actually Change Your Life … #1: Nurture Your Marriage

Not one New Year’s resolution list that I’ve seen has a single declaration about marriage.

Yet stable healthy marriages are the bedrock of secure societies worldwide.  More important than exercise, staying hydrated, and cutting out sugar is cultivating a heart devoted to strengthening your marriage.

In all relationships Jesus is our model. Here is a simple yet impossible formula for your marriage. Simply stated resolutions:

  • Don’t be selfish
  • Don’t look out only for your own interests (He didn’t say never look out for your own interests…don’t deny how He made you…Jesus set aside His deity not His humanity)
  • Do have the mind of Christ…the attitude of serving your spouse in love as Christ served us and loved us.

Just reading this list reminds me I’m a failure. You too? I have learned it is impossible for me to perform any of the above list in my own ability and power. It is good. I finally am resigned to my inabilities.

Here is what makes the impossible possible:

  • Admitting I can’t change myself much less my spouse. Selfishness is my natural inclination. Me first is always easier than you first.
  • Understanding how and then balancing the command to “look out for my own interests and the interests of others” is impossible for me but entirely possible for Christ in me.
  • Having the mind of Christ is the only hope for any marriage at any season or life stage.

To help you get started, close the prayer above from Philippians with these words:

“My Jesus, thank you that nothing is impossible for you! It is Your Spirit in me that transforms my attitude, my heart, my motives and my desires into conformity with Your example of humility in my marriage and all relationships.”

Remember if you choose to make your marriage your number one resolution for this year that being incapable is a good place to be…the impossible standard of holiness God calls us to forces us to be utterly dependent on Him.

We pray you will join us in making this resolution number one on your list. And we pray you will ask the Spirit of God to make you more like Jesus in your marriage.

You’ll be glad you did.

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8 thoughts on “5 Resolutions That Could Actually Change Your Life … #1: Nurture Your Marriage”

  1. Dear Barbara,
    You are a blessing, thank you for your words of truth!! I want to do better in my marriage as well. I am asking the Holy Spirit to renew my mind every day. I want to be a blessing to my husband and children.
    Have a blessed New Year 2018!!

    PS: I love your new Birthday banner ;)

  2. Thank you for standing, fighting, and praying. For marriage and the lives in them. Jesus held our marriage together as I put other things ahead of not only our marriage but ahead of Jesus… I am a Pastor and often put ministry bed my marriage and family I WAS ABSOLUTELY WRONG. Thankfully Christ allowed me to learn what I was doing. My mistress was ministry. My Wife,Marriage today is my second ministry o my after Christ Jesus.

  3. Thank you for what I need to hear. My marriage has been through the ringer for many years now. Dealing with my husbands sexual addiction and all that entails, has been the most challenging and deveststing to my heart. I just can’t do it without Christ. Thank you Jesus for making the impossible, possible.

    1. Teri,

      I pray that you are finding support from other women, like myself, who have chosen to trust Jesus as we struggle to accept and love our husbands through sexual addiction. I pray that your husband’s heart is repentant and that he too is seeking strength and guidance from the Lord to overcome it. There is support out there!

      Praying that 2018 is a year of tremendous growth and healing in your marriage!


  4. This is a beautiful reminder! Thank you for bringing me back to the foundation of our home and family. When my marriage is good, then other things will fall into place, and it will probably even be easier to cut back on the sugar, too! :)

  5. Barbara, thank you so much! I’m excited to see God’s hand continue to restore and bless our marriage this coming year. Yes, only through the mind of Christ that we may have a rich and abundant marriage life. With it, all of our needs for this world’s stuff seem to disappear and all we want to do is serve Christ and His purpose. May God continue to bless you, your family and all that you do unto His precious Name.

  6. This really spoke to my spirit even tho I am a widow I can use these ideas for all my other relationships. Thank you

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