My Home is His Home

All the world belongs to God. I know because the Old Testament contains an interesting collection of verses that all repeat a strong possessive word. The word is MINE!

“Every beast of the forest in MINE, and the cattle on a thousand hills.” -Psalm 50:10

“If I were hungry, I would not tell you, for the world and its fullness are MINE.” -Psalm 50:12

“I have redeemed you; I have called you by name, you are MINE.” -Isaiah 43:1

“All souls are MINE; the soul of the father as well as the soul of the son is MINE:” -Ezekiel 18:4

“The silver is MINE, and the gold is MINE.” -Haggai 2:8

The earth, the heavens, angels, all creatures and man were created by God and belong to God. We, who are made in His image, also create and make things. I want all that I create to also belong to Him, that includes my home. I hope you do too.

Ownership implies control.  My house belongs to my husband, Dennis, and me. We bought it and have paid for it over the 35 years we have lived within these walls on this little piece of land. As owners, we can do with this structure as we please. If we want the exterior painted fire engine red we can paint it. If we desire to do nothing to improve it: repair broken windows, replace missing shingles, or pull weeds that grow aggressively, that too is our choice.

Beyond maintenance and upkeep, however, is a more important choice I have as a homeowner. Do I recognize God as the provider of my home? Did He, in His great kindness, give us this place to live? If “every good and perfect gift is from above, coming from the Father…” then the answer is yes. Therefore, as His followers and His servants, we have given our house back to Him.

I want Him present in my home, His home. I want to steward this place for what He desires to accomplish here.  I want my home to be His embassy, His residence in this land.

Embassies in other countries feel like their home countries: framed images of national heroes adorn the walls; furnishings and food look and taste like home; the flag soars proudly over its headquarters. Even national holidays are celebrated on schedule within the embassy’s walls. And the embassy represents its country to the foreign country in which it is placed. No matter where it is located, the soil on which it rests belongs to the home country—and its laws reign supreme.

Most of all, that country’s citizens find help and hope for their difficulties: a refuge and an advocate.

My home and yours are embassies of the Kingdom of Heaven, if we belong to Jesus. Though you have a citizenship in your country, America, New Zealand, or Kenya for example, you are first and foremost a resident of the Kingdom of Heaven as a follower of Jesus Christ.

In truth we belong to another time, another place, another king. This country is not our home. Just like the American Embassy waves the flag to declare safety and comfort within, we need signs and sounds and traditions and attitudes that declare our home is an Embassy of the King.

When the UPS man delivers, when neighbors stroll the streets, when guests are invited over, we want them to know that we aren’t just another family. We are a family who belongs to Yahweh, and are committed to using our home, lives, and resources to make Him known.

Will God look at your home and say, It is MINE?

Will you give your home to Him, invite His Holy Spirit who lives within you to make your home His home?



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2 thoughts on “My Home is His Home”

  1. Ms. Barbara, today Andy took the day off of ministry to care for our littles-so I could have a spa day! (I met two ladies & told them about your blog). Anyway, I forgot my bathing suit. So, I just found a corner & read my Bible in my cozy bathrobe. I spent time praying, pleading, petitioning-“God where do you want us to live?”(Currently, we have the best little house & precious community…but, it’s 30 minutes away from the church where Andy pastors. We are entering year seven of this pastorate.) I do appreciate boundaries, but lately I am feeling the tug to move closer to our church. Any thoughts, from ETH or from other pastor wives out there? What’s it like to live closer? Once again, today your post hit me right where I needed it most, great perspective. We do belong to another time, another place, another King-Heaven is my home. thank u all so much-Kristy.

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