He Shall Be Called

Christmas has become big business.  I used to complain about it, wishing it would change, but I’ve surrendered.

An old saying goes, “if you can’t beat them, join them,” and so I have!  My greatest desire is to return the celebration of Jesus’ birth to Christmas.  I’m weary of seeing Christmas trees adorned with literally hundreds of ornaments that have absolutely nothing to do with Jesus.  He is the sole reason December 25th is marked on our calendars as a holiday.

This year I’m thrilled to provide a choice for the women who shop for new ornaments every single year.  Beginning this month Christmas trees can begin to say, “we believe in Jesus; our house will proclaim Him.”  With the first of many sets of the names of Christ, “He Shall Be Called” Adorenaments™ give women a beautiful alternative.

Imagine, as I do, literally tens of thousands of Christmas trees across our country and around the world decked with the names of Christ and symbols of our faith!  Shouldn’t our homes proclaim what we believe?  If that is true then it is a sad reality that most Christian homes proclaim that Santa Claus and reindeer and snowmen and sports and a hundred other interests and sentiments are superior to Jesus.

May these Christmas names of Jesus inspire you to adore Him and to share your faith with others by giving them away to everyone you know.

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