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I have to tell you about a photo shoot we at Ever Thine Home did in early October at my house with our new products. I should have taken some random action shots but Carrie and I were working so hard to maximize every minute with our great photographer, Stacey, that it never occurred to me.  Maybe next time!

We got photos of the new Adorenaments, the Christmas names of Jesus, on wrapped packages and jelly jars and on a lighted Christmas tree, but my favorite was featuring each ornament in an inexpensive frame, without glass, backed with pages from old hymnals.  We made a delightful arrangement on the fireplace mantle that I am repeating this week as I decorate my house for Christmas.

Our Leave Him Thanks wreath took center stage in my dining room as Carrie hung one on the chandelier, and then hung one on the back of each chair tied with a ribbon.  The table was decorated with natural colored burlap, white pumpkins, candlesticks with off white candles and touches of greenery and silver.  It was truly gorgeous.  “Magazine worthy,” I thought.  We hated to take it apart.  Carrie said, “we need to have a dinner party tonight!”  But my fridge was empty.  Another lesson for next time.

Quickly we switched gears to photograph the He Came Near nativity by carrying all our props and accessories on a short hike to our neighbor’s barn.  It’s an old unused horse barn with hundreds of wasp and hornet nests all over the ceiling, thankfully all dormant.  Carrie and Stacey were a bit unnerved by them, city girls that they are.  Taking photos of the nativity in a barn seemed so right with the rough old wood, the hay in the feeding toughs and the soft dirt floor.

At the end of the day I knew why the professionals charge so much for this kind of work.  My feet were killing me when we finished around 4:30, mostly my fault for wearing cute shoes instead of something more rugged.  My house was a wreck and though Carrie and Jim helped clean there were some things I just had to do on my own after they left.  But in the end we were so glad we’d done this on our own.  We got the images we wanted and we learned a lot in the process, plus we saved a ton of money, always a good thing, right?  And we created some new and unique ways to decorate our homes to proclaim the beautiful truth of the Bible during the holidays and throughout the year.

Watch for all our images on Pinterest and I’ll bet you’ll want to repin them to your own boards.  I hope you’ll like these products that proclaim Jesus enough that you’ll include them in your homes as well.  They will help you declare that you and yours are ever His.

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