Giving Tuesday with Ever Thine Home

Since college graduation my life has been invested in ministry; reaching high school and college women, then engaged and married women, then moms, then empty nesters.

Now my ministry vision is for all women; single and married, young and old.

We females are the makers and keepers of our homes, the guardians of traditions, the teachers of the next generations. My passion is to help and encourage you, your friends, your daughters, to sink deep roots into Jesus and then help your children do the same.

As Dennis, Laura and I have launched Ever Thine Home, a generous gift from FamilyLife, as its own independent non-profit ministry we are praying for God’s clear direction, trusting Him to lead and provide for us and this new ministry.

I wrote here, the story of how God revealed His intricate and intimate personal leading of our lives this summer. I’ve consciously reminded myself of that revelation many times this fall when I wondered if He was still with us.

He is with me, with you, and with us for He promised, “I will never leave you nor forsake you,” (Hebrews 13:5).

Today as we enter the annual season of generous giving, I want you to know Ever Thine Home needs donations to continue the work we believe God wants us to continue. Today all the functions of this ministry are being carried by us alone; and Laura is on maternity leave with little Lincoln, which we fully support. We want her to be Lincoln’s mama first and above all. But even the three of us can’t do it all. We need more margin and we need the skills of others to help us grow.

Our needs are dual.

One significant need is funding to hire editorial help for all the blogs, product content and book projects I anticipate for 2019. I’m excited about sharing a series of prayers with you that I’ve been writing this year as I’ve journeyed a very rough road. As I’ve learned before in my life, God uses our suffering and losses to teach us much about Himself and it has been true for me again this year. So watch for these prayer posts to begin in January. I hope they encourage you.

Secondly, we need funding to create new products, both reproducing some of our best sellers that will be gone soon, but also we need funding to branch out with new ideas. In addition, we need to hire someone to manage all the details of product creation and production. (I had a full-time person on this alone at FamilyLife.) If we can’t hire help we will have to shut down all the ornaments, Easter ideas and other beautiful things we’ve made.

Our dreams are double.

First, I’m still praying God will grant us the privilege and honor to help change the way Christians celebrate Easter, which means discovering new ways to help families learn and worship together during this season.

Secondly, I also hope to create a front door collection to help all of us proclaim His truth “on the doorposts of your house and on your gates” as we are commanded in Deuteronomy 6:9. Like our best-selling January snowflake, I have other ideas of beautiful biblical front door adornments I’m anxious to create!

As you consider where to give this Christmas season I’d invite you to consider giving to the ministry of Ever Thine Home as we seek to follow God in making His name known in homes across America and around the world. Donation options are below.

Thanks for your following and sharing our blog and for making your home center on Jesus, “the Author and Perfecter of our faith,” (Hebrews 12:2). 

Merry Christmas,


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