Five Ideas to Plan NOW in Anticipation of Easter

Though winter is ending the Coronavirus isn’t … yet. Still spring is finally peeking through, so it’s starting to feel like Easter time. With less than two weeks to go, here are a few ideas. You can still plan a meaningful worshipful celebration for your family and others even from home

It’s important for our faith to mark the Resurrection of Christ, the most important day of history, no matter our circumstances. 

1. Make an Easter playlist of your favorite hymns and songs that focus on the cross and the resurrection. Listen for yourself and your family starting this week and continuing through Easter. On Resurrection Sunday, play them all day in your home or church or find a way to play your favorites during your back-yard celebration. We have put together a special Ever Thine Home Easter Playlist for you to enjoy.

2. If you haven’t already you can still plan for a fun celebration this year, even on a smaller scale. Here are some photos of our family from 2017 when everyone came home for Easter. 

We had a great time feasting, singing and then dancing as a response to the joy of Easter’s miracles. Easter is a day to party like no other. 

Ask God for creative ways to celebrate even with social distancing! And we’d love to see photos of your clan celebrating with joy and gladness, just as the disciples and so many others did on that first Resurrection Day! Watch our video here.

3. Mark Jesus’ last week before the cross with our Behold the Lamb Holy Week calendar and accompanying Waiting on the Lamb banner. And have your kids or grandkids reenact the Palm Sunday story. There is still time to order our banner and calendar with daily readings on the I AM names of Jesus.  (Use the discount code HomeforEaster20 during checkout for 20% off) Each day includes the lighting of candles (download our Easter and Holy Week candle templates) to help cement the truth of invisible truth to our hearts. These stories from His life will teach you and your family about His unfathomable love for us as He journeyed to the cross to die for you and me. 

Also, one day this week get your kids or grandkids started on a re-enactment of Jesus triumphal entry into Jerusalem. Have an older child or grandchild read the story in John 12. Encourage them to create costumes, backdrops with pieces of cardboard, and a row of chairs for the guests: you, parents, grandparents and siblings … no one is too old or young to participate. Acting out the story helps internalize the story in your child’s memory bank.

4. Celebrate Passover. This year Jewish Passover is April 8-9. For recipes, a dinner guide, and activities, click here.

5. Watch the film,  Jesus. Dear friends of ours, Tim and Darcy Kimmel, watch the movie on the Saturday before Easter Sunday and then they take communion together as a family. If you are traveling for Easter, this week or Palm Sunday weekend might be the best time. Watching the story of Jesus every year will make Easter far more meaningful.

Use these ideas or others on our website to establish new traditions. Traditions work like glue keeping everyone in your family connected. 

He is Risen!

May you and yours become #easterpeople this year, #easter2020, and every year!


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2 thoughts on “Five Ideas to Plan NOW in Anticipation of Easter”

  1. Certainly Easter needs to be celebrated, but family gatherings should be discouraged with anyone who does not already live with you. The key to weathering this COVID-19 pandemic is for everyone to do their part by staying away from others, even if they are family. Maybe you can arrange to meet online and share Easter together without endangering anyone’s health.

    Personally, I will be talking to grandchildren, children and parents by phone or internet chat, so as to not endanger the health of any of my dear family, particularly elderly parents.

    Be smart and stay safe.

  2. Barbara,
    Thanks so much for these! Great ideas.
    And thanks for the play list. Huge help for those of us who are not tech but love music!!
    Love you sister!
    Susan Yates

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