A Thoughtful Response to Eugene Peterson

As disciples of Jesus, first called Christians in the book of Acts, we have been charged to go into all the world and teach the truth of the Gospel and to train others to be His disciples who will continue God’s call in places we will never reach. For many of us women those new disciples will be our children.

One of my little disciples is Laura, our EverThineHome social media champion, who had the privilege to sit under the teaching of our guest post author, pastor Scott Sauls, who leads the congregation of Christ Presbyterian Church in Nashville, TN. Scott has also been a guest on our radio broadcast, FamilyLife Today. You can listen here.

The mission God has given to all of us is dependent on our knowing well His teaching in the Bible. All of His teaching, not just the parts we like. In response to the recent announcement by Eugene Peterson, author of the Message Bible, about his newly changed view on same sex marriage, Scott wrote a very thoughtful, very Bible centered response. Since writing his response, Eugene Peterson retracted his original words. Scott says,

His retraction notwithstanding, Peterson’s original comments represent a shift in viewpoint for a growing number of other pastors and thought leaders nationwide. This shift represented by Peterson’s original words calls for pastoral reflection from those, like me, who are concerned about the shift. So, I will continue to make the essay available as long as it seems helpful to do so.”

So, we still believe Scott’s words will be helpful to all of you as you ask God for words, answers, and verses to guide your children and others in what God says is true and right about us His people. We are praying it will be an encouragement to you and strengthen you as you navigate these difficult conversations.

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2 thoughts on “A Thoughtful Response to Eugene Peterson”

  1. I’m so glad that I read the whole article by Scott Sauls. While I agree with him he made it biblically clear how to respond to this issue. I am deeply concerned in this day and age over the compromise with the word of God that Christians seem to have. Having lived more than seven decades, it really impacted me after this current election when Christians joined with such vehement publicly about our president. I stated to one group of Christian women that, to criticize our president was tantamount to criticizing God because he was the one who put him there! As Christians we either believe the word of God or we don’t we cannot pick and choose. It’s not a loose leaf Bible!

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