Looking for God’s Will for Your Life

Have you ever thought, I wish I knew what God’s will was for my life. 

This is the eternal question. Books have been written about it. Sermons have been preached on it. But in the verse above, we find one of the clearest answers.

God’s will for us is to be filled–controlled and led–by the Holy Spirit. We may not know the details of God’s specific will for our lives. He usually doesn’t show us all that’s ahead. Instead, He leads us just to the next decision or the next bend in the road because He wants us to walk by faith.

The way He leads us is by His Spirit. When we are allowing the Spirit to be our Guide, our Teacher, our Helper, our Constant Companion, we are completely in the center of God’s will. When we are listening to His voice, His whispers to us, and we know what to do.

Paul tells us to always give thanks in all things as we walk along life’s journey with the Holy Spirit. Hard things abound.

Recently, a young mom, whose parents we know, suddenly dropped dead. We are all still feeling disbelief that she who was so alive is now gone. The Bible teaches that all our days are numbered. I know these parents, even in their great grief, are giving thanks because they believe God’s Word.

In good and bad, easy and hard, God asks us to give thanks because it demonstrates our faith in Him. Giving thanks also reminds us that our lives are being led by the Holy Spirit of God, Who is love.

-Are you being filled with His Spirit every day?

-Are you letting Him lead you?

-Are you listening for His whispered voice?

-Are you helping your children learn how to be led by the Spirit too?

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1 thought on “Looking for God’s Will for Your Life”

  1. Please pray for me. I am a called, ordained , minister , with a Masters degree in Religion. I did the dumbest, most damaging thing a called servant of God could do. I walked out of the ministry in 2007, from the church I was on staff. I am
    now 58 and haven’t served since. I am not mad at God, I am ashamed of not trying to get back in ministry and now, 10 yrs later, who would even want or need me?

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