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Elisabeth Elliot was one of my mentors. I read almost every word she penned. Her monthly newsletters which I eagerly looked for in my mailbox in the 80s and 90s always encouraged my soul. I have every single one saved in a 3 ring binder.

Her brutal honesty, “I struggle with submission every day,” and her resolute faith, “every circumstance is a gift,” invited me to imitate her example no less than Paul who suggested we imitate his faith.

I’m grateful for her life; what a gift she was to so many of us. And I smile thinking of her release from dementia into unfettered knowledge of her Savior who she served and loved so very well. “Well done,” are surely some of the first words she heard!

Her books will remain an example to the next generation, I hope, and now her life will be a sweet memory to me.
She was truly a gift from God.

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6 thoughts on “Elisabeth Elliot”

  1. Is it possible to find Elizabeth Elliot’s cards in print today (2016?) I just found one sent to me probably 10 years ago. It’s hard to find excellent cards! Any recommendations?

  2. Dear Barbara, Elizabeth Elliot has left this earth but she remains one of my spiritual mothers, though I never met her. I listen to one of her radio broadcasts in BBN archives, every morning. Barbara, I was fortunate enough to come across a few of her Dayspring greeting cards, which I treasure. I’d dearly like to purchase more, but Dayspring does not have them available, as far as I searched. I know from old newsletters that Elizabeth’s husband Lars was sending out packs of the Dayspring assorted cards to subscribers for a reasonable price, but that was years ago. I do not know if Lars can still be reached by mail at the address in the old newsletter: 10 Strawberry Cove in Magnolia MA. I’d so like to have some of Elizabeth’s greeting cards to send to family and friends. Please advise me, if you can direct me to acquire them. Thank you, and God keep you in his everlasting arms. Sherrie Z.

  3. Christine fall

    I was blessed to hear Elisabeth Elliot speak years ago in Pasadena at a Women’s Conference. I also have one of her books. She was a true saint who lived out her faith for us to follow.

  4. I never had an in-person mentor, but I’ve told many women that Elisabeth Elliot was a mentor. My biggest challenge was hearing her say we often desire our kids’ happiness instead of their holiness.

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