Do You Need Stability?


Several years ago in the midst of the 2008 economic crash in America I found these words which stabilized my anxiety then, in the years since with threats from ISIS, Ebola, severe weather and now with the ruling on the redefinition of marriage: “And He shall be the stability of your times.” (Isa 33:6)

There is so much I cannot change or fix that seems wrong or unfair or confusing in this world and that will always be true. And so the Anchor of my soul must be my sure hope, my source of stability, not the predictable norms I long to cherish over the Rock of Christ. The eternal truth that God is sovereign is either true or it is not. I’m counting on its veracity because He brings more peace than any judicial ruling or peace treaty or alliance of men possibly could.

As I read my Bible there are predictions that hard times are ahead. At the end of the age, whether that is just around the corner or decades away, life will become harder not easier. In this too He is the stability I desire, need and long for. I pray you will join me in growing deeper roots into the only One who can make us safe if ISIS invades or the ground shakes in one of the long predicted earthquakes. And I pray we make the transcendent truth of God and His Word more a part of our conversations that others may also have this hope.

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2 thoughts on “Do You Need Stability?”

  1. Hi Barbara

    Thank you for quoting the verse in Isaiah 33:6 “…he [Christ] shall be the Stability of your times” .
    This reminds me of the meaning of “In Christ” and “Christ in me”. We have these two promises as long as we do not walk away from His path.

    The example of “In Christ” in secular world is we are in the Embassy of Christ, devils can’t touch as long as we are within the wall of His Embassy.

    We are so blessed to be His children!
    – Stella

    1. Thank you so much for your encouragement. Please pray for the partner that God has for me and that we will be together soon. It is so hard to be alone. I am 61 years old and have been alone for 23 years. I believe this next year for God to change my situation but only within His will as I know nothing else will work and I am too old for any mistakes in my life at this point. Thank you.

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