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06.10.15 (1)

Think with me, for just a second, about the immensity of space that so dwarfs and yet simultaneously magnifies God’s kindness to our planet; remember the majesty of the solar systems, the constellations that never change shape, the wonder of the ever-expanding universe out there.  Our understanding is infinitesimally small.  Therefore isn’t it possible that heaven is far more beautiful than any marvel on earth?  And how much more beautiful is the Master Engineer, Artist, and Author who made it all.

It’s now summertime and a perfect opportunity for star-gazing. Why don’t you plan an evening for you and friends or you and your family to enjoy the warm evening air lying on your backs in wonder at the unfathomable depth of what we can see in the heavens. Or visit a planetarium for a deeper look into the creative handiwork of God.

A few years ago we took a trip to New Zealand to speak at a couple of marriage events after which we spent several days enjoying the wonder of what God imagined in the southern alps. One of the highlights for me was an evening spent on top of a mountain viewing stars we’d never seen here in the northern hemisphere. The experience was like being in the grandest of cathedrals as we were stunned into silent worship by the constellation, galaxies and planets.

Will you slow your pace and find a place for gazing into the creative wonders God gave us to enjoy? Will you allow your heart to expand in awe which will blossom into gratitude and overflowing love for the One who made all of this for us to enjoy!

Don’t let the thinking of the modern world dim your perspective of Who God is.  A God who can keep hail or snow in his storehouses? Stars that all have names?  He who placed Orion, Pleiades, and the Bear with His own hands?  Ask Him to explode your vision of Himself and to entwine your love inextricably to His own.

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