Dear Mom, This is a Little Embarrassing…

Dear Mom, You’ve always been such a good helper for Dad, and I know he’s appreciated that. But I’m finding when I try to help the Hubs, all I get is pushback. What am I doing wrong?

 Dear Mom, What if I’m failing as a follower? And what if my husband doesn’t seem to really want to lead?

 Dear Mom, This is a little embarrassing…but please tell me that sex is more than what I think it is! We have all the kids we want, the passion has pretty much cooled off, and honestly sex seems like the last thing on my list.

Have you ever wondered any of these?

At some point every wife has questions about marriage. But sometimes it’s hard to brave voicing them. Luckily, Barbara Rainey doesn’t wait for you to ask; she’s shelling out answers in her new book Letters To My Daughters.

Letters to my Daugthers Cover

She knows firsthand the challenges that newly married couples face. Dismayed by Hollywood depictions of marriage and the seemingly easy solution of divorce, she sees a desperate need for a voice of experience, a mentor who has been there and understands—and can encourage, coach, and care.

As her daughters began their married lives, Barbara wanted to share with them, and now you, some of the lessons learned throughout her own marriage as well as those gleaned from decades of ministry to couples. In these heartfelt, insightful letters, she answers the tough questions and addresses the realities of marriage. Through personal stories—including her own mistakes—and practical advice, Barbara provides the tools and direction to help you become a godly wife and determine your part in achieving a better marriage.

But don’t do it alone! Join our book club on The Art of Being a Wife.

Grab a few friends and fill your living room to join other wives in conversation. Barbara’s FREE downloadable discussion questions will help you and your friends talk openly about your marriages, while you learn to apply the encouragement found in Letters To My Daughters.

So text your friends, preorder your books, and sign your group up here. Each leader will receive weekly materials and support via email for the duration of your book club. As our thank you to leaders you’ll also receive a FREE Ever Thine Home product—Untie Your Story. Group participants will receive a coupon code for 20% off an Ever Thine Home item.

If you’re not up for filling your living room each week, we’d love to invite you to join other wives in conversation through our online book club. You’ll have the chance to dialogue, comment, and support other women around the world from the comfort of your own couch.

Book clubs start February 23. So make plans now! Don’t miss this chance to invest in your marriage.

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8 thoughts on “Dear Mom, This is a Little Embarrassing…”

  1. Hi Barbara and to those people who helped you create and assemble these beautiful adorenaments, a BIG thank you. I ordered all of them and am marveling over them. I have yet to set up the Christmas tree but these will be the only adorenaments that we will have on the tree. I know that there will be favorable comments from our friends.
    Thank you for allowing yourself to be used by God and for sharing your creations with us. I am smiling as I write this note.
    We wish you, Dennis, and your loved ones a most wonderful Christmas. Much love and appreciation, Josephine

  2. Hello! I am leading a book study this summer on your book and I was wondering how I can find the discussion questions for each chapter?

    Thank you!

  3. Our marriage has no hope. we have been to counseling with Pastors and we also did a family life workshop. Pray, Pray and Pray I did but there is never an effort from my husband. It’s all on me and I am just tired. I am so invisible to him. I came to the conclusion that it’s just better to be isolated and be like him. Be silent, depressed and stop Praying, just wait to die. My husband brings out the worst in me. He has never giving me a compliment or a kiss or a hug or anything. I have carried this marriage and family. I can’t do it any more. I am just silent and isolated. I am almost 80 % in my room all the time when not at work. I just Pray that my daughter and my boys learn from my mistakes and allow for God to find their mates. Or not marry at all.

    1. Thank you for your comment. We are glad to have you participate in the online book club. All requests to join have been approved. Please let us know if you’re showing active in the Facebook group now.

      The online discussions will begin Tuesday, February 23, from 8-9pm Central time. Each week we will be live online during the same time to talk through the discussion questions for each chapter. Let me know if you have other questions! We are happy to help in any way!

      Looking forward our online conversations soon!

  4. I need to be a better Godly wife so that my husband will live me more i feel so alone sometimes even though my house is full. I would live to join this book club I don’t have many friends so I can do the online thing

  5. I was married for 27 years an my husband started seeing another woman an lying an covering it up because his mom had cancer an he started staying there. I have since remarried an he married the adulterous person. He never wanted to work on our marriage an we were even in a ministry at our church. The man I married was a widower. I find this marriage really hard because it is not like being married to the father of my kids an grandkids, he seems really jealous of my family an I feel like he wants me to conform to his world an me leave mine behind. I am really struggling with this. What advice do you have for me?

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