Come Thou Fount


By Janel Breitenstein

On my 34th birthday, my husband delighted me by strolling into the living room a sleek new guitar for me slung around his neck. I literally clapped my hands with glee, then stroked its mother-of-pearl inlay with my fingers. Now every Monday finds my kids and I strumming A minors or barre chords across from our Ugandan guitar instructor, often whipping up an impromptu worship session afterwards.

But honestly, one of the quickest ways to flatten my enjoyment of the instrument? A single string falling out of tune. That beautiful piece of wood requires tuning before every practice, with its temperamental, natural absorption or release of humidity and tension.

Perhaps that’s what appeals to me about these lyrics: The mental image of my God twisting the pegs of my heart, or clearing its “throat”, or cleansing the disharmony of my self-centeredness or discord with other believers—to sing His praise in rich, soulful clean-hearted tones. Like a guitar, my heart doesn’t naturally remain in tune, poised toward God’s Word, to His glory rather than my own: “Incline my heart to your testimonies, and not to selfish gain!” (Psalm 119:36). I feel the Holy Spirit’s “tuning” as He plucks the strings of my heart against the loving, holy melody of His own, matching them to His pure tones of perfection.

Today it’s my prayer He’ll ground us to the unwavering notes our hearts can’t detect on their own. May you ask Him to tune the strings of your heart so you can sing: Praise the mount, I’m fixed upon it: mount of Thy redeeming love!


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