Cradle to Cross


Easter should be the time to focus on the death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ, but as we are fully immersed in Christmas tidings it is good to remember that Jesus was born in a manger to die on a cross.  The two events were not separate for Him but instead were one long journey from the throne of heaven to our earth and back to heaven again.

Christmas is a season we feel good about but the celebration of Christ’s birth has gotten lost in a swirl of fairly tales and merchandising. Think about it, the STUNNING miracle of God becoming human has become trivialized with toys, tinsel, and trips to the mall. Celebrating this holiday should be easy, although we’ve made it incredibly complicated with unachievable expectations.

On the other hand, Easter’s story is a squeamish one about a brutal, undeserved crucifixion.  So we’ve tidied it up with softer, gentler symbols like bunnies and baby chicks.

As you celebrate the birthday of Jesus this month may you remember His deathday, too.  May you remember that God loves YOU.  He sent Jesus to be YOUR Savior. To rescue YOU.  For without His death, resurrection and ascension, His miraculous incarnation for us on Christmas morning would mean nothing.


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4 thoughts on “Cradle to Cross”

  1. How beautiful, Barbara! I am going to share this with my family. How unfathomable is Christ’s love for us; and His life, the greatest love story ever written. Thank you for bringing the true meaning of Christmas back into focus for us.

    1. Tammy-Thank you for your encouragement! We are working on getting the prayers ready for order. I will let you know once they are live!

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