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When the first Bright Morning Star tree topper arrived I loved the way it turned out and was pleased that my idea had finally become reality, but when I placed it on the top of our decorated Christmas tree I felt a profound sense of joy in lifting high the name of Jesus!

Obviously many have agreed with me because the star is now sold out except for this one we saved for our first giveaway! To say thank you to all of you for partnering with Ever Thine Home, which is a huge encouragement to me in this adventure God is leading me on, we want to give away our last Bright Morning Star tree topper.

May you and yours make Jesus, the Bright Morning Star, the focus of your Christmas this year!



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44 thoughts on “Bright Morning Star Giveaway”

  1. I would like to purchase the star topper as shown here when I searched for it, but it has been sold out ever since I bought all 3 sets of adornments when they came out. When will I be able to purchase one? I hope to complete my set for our tree with its crowning glory! My Christ honoring tree isn’t complete yet, and I hope the star will be available again.
    Thanks so much,
    Peg Humbracht

    1. Barbara Rainey

      Hi Peg,
      Thanks for reaching out about the star topper! We are excited that everyone loved it so much and that it will be back for this Christmas season! It should be in the store early September at the LATEST. :)

  2. I love to use my home as a means of pointing my family and others to Jesus; thanks for making products that help with this desire! I love the star!

  3. My tree has never had a star because everyone I have ever seen has so much dazzle it’s simply looks like an ornament, not a reminder of the star in the manger that led the wisemen to Christ. This star proclaims who Jesus is.

  4. After a year of one thing after another. My aunt who I’ve been taking care of for the past 4 years, she went to be with the Lord in July. My uncles birthday was just 2 weeks before she left and he had passed away in February of this year. And then a back surgery that didn’t do what it was supposed to so I am left with a rod and plate that show now a big lump on the side of my spine.
    God has gotten me through a rough year of losses, first my uncle and then a year of taking caring of my aunt which I loved. We got so close and I learned so much about our family as she was the last one in my Mother’s side of the elders and the last chance to find out things I failed to ask my Mother who went to be with the Lord 3 and half years ago. I had a back surgery that didn’t go well and so I have chronic pain and I pray to Jesus everyday, several times a day that I might be able to make it through without pain med. But He has been good but giving me chances to reconnect with a long lost cousin and learn to love my aunt like a Mother. I know everyone has problems and I am blessed, they could be a lot worse. I would love to Jesus name on my tree this year, thank you for offering the last one as a gift to someone that is so generous and kind.

    God bless and Peace,

    And also have a safe and blessed Christmas and thank you for your ministry!


    1. so sorry for your year of losses Linda, but it sounds like you are learning and trusting Christ in new and deeper ways as a result. thanks for writing. May God bless you with less pain in 2015.

  5. Elizabeth Farmer

    I just got some packages from Family Life containing the adornaments. When this star is back in stock I’m going to get one (unless, of course, I win this giveaway). Thank you for encouraging us to decorate for the season it such a meaningful way.

  6. I certainly understand this item being sold out. The simple message lifted high atop our Christmas tree would be the final touch of this season! Received a package today of items from ETH and saw the star- disappointed but will definitely order early for next year! Blessings…

  7. This would be beautiful on my Florida Christmas tree-decorated with seashells and coastal items. Would also love an angel designed by you for my traditional Christmas tree.
    Merry Christmas to all

  8. I love finding Christmas decorations that point to our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ. Having our home decorated with items like this help to teach our seven children about the true meaning of Christmas. I would love to have that star for the top of our tree!

  9. I love everything about this wonderful line you have created, most of all the ideas and years that went into the making of it. I am excited about what you are creating, and the star is the icing on the cake!

  10. This Christmas is a difficult one for our family this year with financial struggles due to having four kids (9,7,5,1) and the oldest two with autism and the youngest also showing developmental delay and the kids LOVE your products! It’s their favorite part of Christmas. We play the adornaments music with the names of God non stop and have traditions of going through the names of God ornaments and have traditions around all your products that mean so much to us and are so special to my kids, they ask for them and get so excited to celebrate Jesus using your products. We are also in full time ministry so serving Jesus is something at the core of our family. We are so excited about the new products you are coming out with and hope to make them part of our traditions in worshiping Jesus. God bless.

    1. I love hearing that your kids love these products for that is one of my goals: sturdy, unbreakable yet beautiful ornaments that focus on Jesus and kids love! Sounds like you are doing a great job as a mom. Way to go!

  11. I love how over the past couple of years our Christmas tree has transformed into a beautiful reminder of Jesus. Along with the tree, our family has slowed down to savor the wonder of God come to us! We are consuming less and giving more each Christmas season. Thank you for the visual reminders with your Adornaments that have produced (by God’s spirit) a heart change in us.

  12. I have heard you speak of the star on the radio. It is beautiful! I’ve been looking for the perfect tree topper and this is it!

  13. I just dreamed of such a company lady night and then this was in my news feeds this morning. So glad to have found you and I will be ordering from you. I want my Christmas decorations to speak more of Jesus, for He is the reason for every season not just Christmas.

  14. I have been looking for a new star for my tree and nothing has caught my eye untill now this exactly what my eyes were looking for.

    1. we will create these again next year so watch for them. we are delighted so many agree with us that this is a perfect addition to Christ honoring Christmas trees!

  15. I presented some of your products in a presentation I did for our church ladies about how we can put God back into our holidays. They especially loved your Gathered Round and Untie Your Story ribbons. Thank you for offering products that really stress the message of Christ and that can be used so simply. We appreciate you and your ideas.

  16. I would love to see this star – created by the woman who introduced me to my Creator – atop our Christmas tree!

    1. Hi Lee! thanks for entering our contest and following the blog. It was so great to see you last spring.
      have a wonderful CHRISTmas with your family!

  17. I entered and posted the wrong user name for Instagram. It’s kleigh68, not K_leigh68. But I am following on Instagram.

  18. I just love that you remember the real reason for the season! I hope your Christmas is full of blessings and love :)

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