Are You Ready for Holy Week?

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One of my recent prayers for us at Ever Thine Home has been that God would grant us favor in helping believers grow in our awareness of the importance of Easter. We put so much energy, money, time, and effort into Christmas, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but, by comparison, we spend very little time, very little money, very little energy, and very little preparation to celebrate the greatest moment of history, which is Resurrection Sunday. I’m hopeful that, over the course of time, we can help believers understand the importance of this holiest of holidays, the magnificence of what Christ has done for us, and then help all of us find some new and fun ways to celebrate the Resurrection.

My friend Dannah Gresh says, “traditions are like glue, they strengthen parent child bonds.” Therefore, the more our kids understand the truth of why we celebrate, why we do what we do, the more it becomes embedded in their hearts and in their souls. Meaningful traditions help them understand: “This is important! This has to mean something; otherwise, Mom and Dad and the other adults wouldn’t have made such a big deal about it.” We all need new and meaningful ways to establish traditions at Easter and we hope to help you do that this year at Easter.

When our children were little, I remember wanting to make more of Easter; but I didn’t really know what to do. I was so busy and overwhelmed that even though I had good intentions I never accomplished what I’d wished for at Easter. After our kids left home, I finally had the time and the freedom to be able to think creatively, “What would I have liked to have had, when I was a mom, raising kids?”

One of those ideas is Behold the Lamb**. It comes eight cards in a cute little metal tin. What I like about Behold the Lamb is that I can picture myself doing this with my kids every morning during holy week before they left for school. These eight cards can probably be read in three or four minutes each. Each one focuses on one of the “I am” phrases Jesus declared about Himself: “I am the Messiah,” “I am the Bread of Life,” “I am the Light of the World,” “I am the Door.”

Our hope is that this easy to do resource gives moms and dads a way to deposit a dose of spiritual thinking in your child’s hearts each day. Read a card as the kids are packing their lunches, while eating breakfast or ask one of your kids to read while you’re driving in the car to school. It sets the tone for the day, and it’s it allows you, as parents, to engage your kids in the meaning of Easter on those days leading up to Easter.

As you lead your children into thinking about the last week of Jesus life, you never know how God might use those bible truths in their hearts. It’s a way to spiritually invest in your children leading up to Easter. We hope you join us in making Holy Week a preparation for the greatest event in history, the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

**Behold the Lamb is currently sold out. However, each of the “I Am” statements has content from this product. These statements can be found on our social media pages.

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  1. My husband and I purchased the Behold The Lamb cards and wreath set last year, and it is really helping to make Easter a bigger deal for us. Since we have hardly any Easter decor we are planning to get the banner and Taste And See Cards as well. I’m thinking I will laminate the cards and use them as stations of the cross to tape on the walls and windows of our roomy dining area. It is encouraging to find ways to make Easter a more important holiday for us. We both are already feeling and thinking the difference!

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