A Wretch Like Me

Here the writer of this psalm gets very specific, telling us the top three phrases that should always be on our list of thanksgiving to God. Number one on his list is the heart of the gospel, our pardon, best understood in the message of the world’s most beloved song, “Amazing Grace.”

John Newton, author of this hymn, knew he was a sinner. A slave trader for years, he lived a rebellious life of selfish pleasure on the high seas until he came to his senses, partly because of a praying mother. Once converted, John’s life changed dramatically and he lived the rest of his life serving his Savior.

Today, so many of us prosperous, independent, entitled Americans have little understanding and appreciation of the word iniquities, the concept of sin. Yeah, we know the Bible says we are sinners but we aren’t that bad. I know because I never believed I was wicked until I watched my children experience rejection and saw how my heart wanted to seek revenge like a mama bear! Though it’s appalling, I understand how a mother could kill for her child. Jesus said if you have hated in your heart, you are guilty of murder.

From this and sins without number, Jesus has delivered me. With the last words of Jesus on the cross, “Tetelestai,” which means, It is Finished, the Judge pounded the gavel and said, You are now pardoned. Forgiven. Set free. (Check out our Tetelestai board for a tangible reminder of this to place in your home.)

We will never appreciate grace until we see as clearly as John Newton did how sinful we are and how desperately we need God’s pardon. 

-Will you bravely ask God to show you if there is any wicked way in you, as David did in Psalm 139:23?

-Will you thank Him every day this month for His amazing grace that pardons all your iniquities?

Thanking Jesus every day for the unspeakable privilege of belonging to Him and of being chosen to become holy is the best prayer you can speak to your Father. He will be pleased to hear those words from you!

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