A Prayer for Your Community … Every Day of the Week

As we’re launching the next generation of adults out into the world, into communities, let’s focus on praying for our community this week. There are needs all around us. As you pray, pray for a graduate you know who can impact his or her new community for God’s glory.

Sunday: Spiritual Needs

Bread of Life, I pray for the spiritually starving in my neighborhood. You commanded Peter to “feed Your lambs.” Will you show my family practical ways to feed them from Your table? Thank you for religious freedom where I live! (Or, We ask you to pave the way for more religious freedoms here!) Create an awareness in this community of our need for You. Please forgive us: We have committed two evils: we have forsaken You, the fountain of living waters, and dug out cisterns for ourselves, broken cisterns that can hold no water. Free us from the false fulfillment of materialism, entertainment, addictions, other’s approval, disordered priorities, and busyness. Let your truth be spoken and lived out in the homes and lives of your people here, and from our houses of worship. Fill the souls of my community—and start with my own family. Pray for specific spiritual needs you’ve seen.

Monday: Serving Each Other

As people head to school and work, I ask that You would help us to love one another through our work. Thank you for the roles each person in our community plays so we can all benefit! I ask Your forgiveness for the ways we work for our own glory, control, and comfort; for others’ approval of us; and out of fear. Creator, reorder our worship so that we’re not making a name for ourselves (Genesis 11:4), but so your Name and renown are our goals (Isaiah 26:8). Turn the eyes of our community’s hearts outward, so that we are inspired to use our gifts to serve. Like Ruth, multiply our faith in you and our service performed out of love so it produces far more than we’d ever comprehend. Lift up specific friends and neighbors in their work.

Tuesday: Those who are Suffering

Compassionate Father, so many people here are suffering. Only You know the depth and breadth of the burdens carried here. Grant me wisdom to know how I can be an instrument of Your peace, both tangibly and intangibly. Present specific concerns to God for those struggling around you.

Wednesday: Unity and Justice

Lord, thank You for the diverse personalities, abilities, passions, and ways of seeing the world that you’ve placed around me. I beg you today for unity in this town/city/country. We are highly divided. You alone are the Prince of Peace; you alone are the One whose name is Love. Cover our community with Your peace. Teach us—teach me—to love. Show us the ways of forgiveness, of loving our neighbor—even those most outcast—as ourselves. Open our eyes to those who are rejected, powerless, oppressed, or overlooked. You have such great promises for us when we shoulder their burdens with them (Isaiah 48)! Let us be a voice for the voiceless. Spend time praying for specific needs in this area.

Thursday: Our Relationships

Thank You for the relationships in our neighborhood: for friendships, marriages, families. You created relationships to be powerful. Lord, strengthen the marriages in my neighborhood. Supply parents with the wisdom, resources, and steadfast love to display You to their kids. Strengthen our friendships with perseverance, self-sacrifice, and honesty. Sustain those who are selflessly caring for others. Increase our generosity and compassion. Present to God specific prayers for relationships. 

Friday: Those Who Serve Us

Thank You for the institutions and people that serve us. I lift up our

  • Schools
  • Health care facilities and workers, including emergency workers
  • Churches
  • Governing officials
  • Law enforcement workers and military
  • Those who perform essential but less “glamorous” jobs
  • Others in service professions

Saturday: The Gospel in Our Community

Lord, help us to both abide in You and engage in the world, so Your Gospel is lived out among us; so it becomes public truth.* Holy Spirit, we beg you for revival in our hearts and in this place. Show us our hearts. Bring down the idols among us so You are sovereign over all here. In light of the souls at stake, grant us boldness to take risks and even to fail for the sake of Your kingdom. Breathe that Kingdom to life here. Let us work for the City of whom You are the designer and builder.

*The author credits theologian Lesslie Newbigin for this concept.

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9 thoughts on “A Prayer for Your Community … Every Day of the Week”

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  2. In Jacksonville, Florida (and other cities across America) new tools are being developed to help us keep the very commitments we make to ourselves, to one another and to our God… about such things. Please check out BlessEveryHome.com as a tool to help facilitate and measure a Pray-Care-Share lifestyle within our communities.

  3. I have been seeing a lot of needs in my community. They are pile up on top of each other. I prayed sometimes but not a lot. I believe this post is a message from God. I will now devote myself to pray more and ask God for wisdom revelations how I can be an instrument in this community for His glory. God has a purpose for everyone.

  4. What a powerful message. I’ve realized how important it is for me to be praying fervently for the needs of our community and for our country. I want to commit to growing deeper in my prayer life. This has inspired me!

    1. I love that this inspires you, Tami–and I love your heart. Thank you, thank you for being this kind of passionate about those around you.

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