Where Are the Others?

Luke wrote the story of Jesus walking one day toward Jerusalem, hearing ten lepers shouting at him from a distance, “Master, have mercy on us!” Jesus instructed them simply but plainly “go and show yourselves to the priests.” As the men obeyed, walking toward the synagogues, they discovered they had been healed. Imagine their happiness, their wonder at seeing their now clean, smooth, perfect skin. Immediately, one of the men turned back and ran to Jesus, fell on his face at His feet and gave Him thanks. And Jesus said, “Were there not ten cleansed? Where are the other nine?” (Luke 17:11-19).

This story has always been shocking to me. I can’t imagine not returning to thank Jesus for the gift of healing. But then I realize I too don’t thank Him for many every day gifts He gives, including healing from diseases which a hundred years ago killed thousands. Antibiotics are a gift. I’m taking them as I write this, reminding me to say, Thank You, my good and kind Father.

Being thankful for Christians is tied to trusting God, to believing all He does is good and for our good, and to pleasing Him as a way of showing our gratitude.  Gratitude begins in the heart. It is taught most effectively to our children by moms and dads who model a grateful heart at home and away as a way of life.

As recipients of His abundant kindness will you purpose to be more grateful?

For His grace and unmerited favor, will you teach your children to give thanks?

Let us resolve to please Him with gratitude.


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3 thoughts on “Where Are the Others?”

  1. Yes, great reminder. Friday, my husband Andy was in the hospital on IV antibiotics to get rid of elbow cellulitis (who knew?). So thankful he was better 4 today’s preaching. Praying for you 2 feel better too!

  2. Yes..thank you for the reminder. Constantly remind myself & kids to give thanks for the sunrises, sunsets, the wonderful doctors who treat us & a multitude of great things He has provided

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