When it Feels Overwhelming

Drowning was my greatest childhood fear. Because of my lifelong battle with asthma, I easily imagined the panic of being overwhelmed by water, fighting for a breath.

In 2008, our granddaughter Molly was born. That same day, her parents were told she wouldn’t live. The shock was like being swept off our feet by a tsunami. We all felt as if we were drowning.

The desperate desire to do something to save her was like frantically swimming to stay afloat amidst jagged debris swirling in the murky water. Unable to make sense of the medical terms and the reality before us, we clung with desperation to the sure Rock of our salvation.

“I will be with you” is evidence God’s immense kindness and love to let us know in advance of the trials that will surely come. It assures us that He will be with us even when we feel we are drowning in sorrow, pain, or grief. When we feel we are sinking, even there in the overwhelming ocean He is present, always present and waiting with open arms.

How often to you doubt God’s presence with you? Be honest.

God knows we are often afraid, scaredy-cats at heart, so He lovingly tells us—more than 100 times—that He will not leave us. Does that repetition help you know He means it?

Hard places in life aren’t always life threatening. What family or friend relationship feels difficult right now? Are you remembering that Jesus is with you in the middle of that too?


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4 thoughts on “When it Feels Overwhelming”

  1. This was my life verse while going through infertility & miscarriages over 10 years… today, Praise God for three healthy kids-Lilyana (10), Luke(4), & Levi(2)… & today we had our first Passover party. 51 people gathered for an Easter egg hunt, potatoes luck, & eight men read the different cards from the ETH collection “Taste & See”. We closed with praise-n-worship. Thank you Barbara for a wonderful inspiration & tool to use.

  2. In the midst of extreme marriage issues. I try to trust God with all my heart but at the same time I feel overwhelmed. The grief and fear are consuming me.

  3. A timely article. We have a difficult family situation where God is asking my husband and I to trust him. It is scary, and so very conforting to know he is with us always.

    Thank You Heavenly Father for this lovely beautiful lady. Keep her continually filled with your Holy Spirit. Thank You for being obedient to the Lord and for sharing all of His Words of Truth and Life Giving Wisdom.

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