What Satisfies You?


Moment of truth: When I was a young mom, a baby on my hip and three toddlers/preschoolers welded around my knees, rising early for a quiet time simply did not happen. Part of it was that Mommy-radar kids possess—the one that somehow senses She Has Awakened, and it is now time for the pitter-patter of little feet to commence. Part of it was sheer exhaustion, nursing through the night or pregnant for literally five years; a REM cycle is simply too key to being a happy mommy. So I would fold open my Bible at night, after the last drink of water/trip to the bathroom/I found an owie on my toe routine. And just before my eyelids fell in exhaustion.

But now that I have passed that precious and grueling season of survival, there is something magnetic about curling in the quiet with my God, as the gray light turns softly pink, and before my now-taller children shuffle out for breakfast. It has become my “me” time. It is my time to be embraced, much as I seek to envelop my kids in their bedheads and still-warm PJ’s as they emerge. The Psalmist writes it succinctly: Satisfy us in the morning with your unfailing love, that we may sing for joy and be glad all our days.

And this prayer—this begging of God to satisfy me—has become a vital element of my day. Whether my quiet time works out as planned or not, I am increasingly aware that I must settle my soul in God at the beginning of my day. If I do not seek God’s perfect fit of all the holes in my heart, they wreak destruction on me. Sadly, even more, I churn out havoc on the people I love. I leak emotion from my heart’s unresolved questions; its clawing for satisfaction means I trample on whatever (or whomever) it takes to obtain what my heart’s silently decided will plug the hole, much like an addict.

Years ago, I scrawled down John Piper’s prayers, called “IOU’s”, before getting into the Word:

  • Incline my heart to you, not to prideful gain or any false motive. (Psalm 119:36)
  • Open my eyes to behold wonderful things in your Word. (Psalm 119:18)
  • Unite my heart to fear your name. (Psalm 86:11)
  • Satisfy me with your steadfast love. (Psalm 90:14)

God has slowly taught me a quiet, rich value in uniting my heart’s endless occupations; in finding myself inclined toward, satisfied in, and fascinated by God. This as the starting—and continuing—point for my day is a form of settling the anchor of my soul, so it can remain unmoved by the swift currents of my day. It’s as if God’s bending to whisper in my ear: You are anxious and troubled about many things, but one thing is necessary. May He continue to addict us to Himself and His satisfaction—so that, in all this, our hearts might just crave what they were made for: Give me Jesus.


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14 thoughts on “What Satisfies You?”

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  3. Yes. I’m there. In that season of littles again. And having a devotional on our coffee table- to grab when I can has been so helpful! And reading a psalm, or something aloud- regardless of who is listening- can sustain

    1. I like the devotional on the coffee table idea! Someone else mentioned to me that they just kept their Bible open on the kitchen counter during those years with littles. Great ideas, Kelly!

    1. This is definitely somethings don’t have much of in my life right now :( four kids that are still so small (smallest just 7 months) I can’t seem to find the time to be in the presence of God. U said u spent evening in the Word. But when evening comes, and husband gets home, he want me to spend time with him too. And it’s so hard to know what to do. I need to be with my husband, and I need to spend time with the Lord. And I desperately need my sleep too with a baby that wakes up at night still to feed :(

      1. Rose, my heart just goes out to you. I was so utterly exhausted all the time when I had kids that age…and I know (at least from my own experience) how so many things are pulling on you at once. Each child, the incredible blessings they are, required even more sacrifice of any personal time or needs whatsoever. I want to let you know that I’m praying for you right this minute–for your endurance, for God’s closeness in your weariness, and for His grace as you do what you can to just connect with Him and find soul satisfaction, even in small moments of intimacy and happiness in Him. I did write a post on finding quiet time in those moments, if somehow it helps…though somehow it feels like offering a Band-Aid to a rather open wound. You can see it on http://momlifetoday.com/2012/06/quiet-time-ideas-for-moms-of-littles/ May God be especially near to you today, Rose.

  4. Beautifully written and encouragement I needed, thank you for sharing the wisdom God has provided you!! Blessings to you!

  5. There is something so day altering when I spend time with God and set”the anchor of my soul, so it can remain unmoved by the swift currents of my day.” Thanks for reminding me to put Him first. To get my focus off myself and on him and his concerns.

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