What Do Our Hearts Long For?

November brings thoughts of coming home, reminiscing, getting together for happy times with families and friends as we celebrate the holidays.  But it is not so for everyone. Fear, loss, and heartache never check our calendars before marching into our lives. Even if life is good right now, we know it can change in an instant. Our greatest need is hope.

Faith is the assurance of things hoped for, Paul tells us, because God is the God of all hope. It is His eternal being, His presence, His accomplished work on the cross, His promises to us that are the basis of our hope. 

What do our hearts long for? Deliverance from sin, not the penalty of sin paid for by Jesus, but the removal of our weakness, our propensity to sin. One day we who believe will be made new and sin will be no more! To return to the perfect and right relationship with God, like what was intended in Eden, will resolve all. 

We also look toward the reunion with those we love, who are not with us anymore. We hope for union with our Savior, who we will see face to face. We long for all wrongs to be righted. The Bible promises all of this and more. 

This hope is strengthened within us by the power of the Holy Spirit, the same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead. If He can raise Christ He can raise your hope to abound! May this beautiful verse encourage and strengthen you and your family this week. 

What do you long for or hope for in this life?

What do you look forward to one day in heaven?

Print this verse and tape it in a place you will see it every day as a reminder of your God who gives hope!

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1 thought on “What Do Our Hearts Long For?”

  1. Dear Family Life Staff,
    I have been to your Marriage Conferences and really enjoyed them an would love to have invested more time with helping others but it never panned out. I have actually helped save a marriage or several and wished I could have helped save my own son’s marriage but his ended last year sadly. I truly appreciate that you are still going strong in this Ministry and still helping others in marriages and with raising children. Both are two of the hardest jobs around. May the LORD bless this Ministry and all who work with it and please keep my marriag, my children’s marriages, and all of my families’marriages in prayer. The devil is always trying to steal, kill and destroy and I was wanting to start an Addictions Ministry then many things all of a sudden came up to put it on the back burner: My Mom and brother got cancer, my brother just died in February, my Mom part owns a Pizza business and needed help with managing the shop and helping learn her jobs in case she died so I stepped in to help. Then I had an emergency surgery just this September. I am still needing to heal for another month. Please keep all of this in prayer. I really want to support your Minisry and I need prayer about if I should help with anAddictions Ministry or start my own with my husband’s help or our friend’s. Thanks for prayers and keeping this Ministry going! To God be the glory!

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