A Well Crafted Letter


In this season of ripe harvest and brimming gratitude help me remember, O God, that You are the source of all giving. Every breath I take is granted by Your divine decree! Life in all of its breathtaking, extraordinary forms: humans, all creatures on our planet, every plant and living thing derive their source from Your exuberant gifting. You spoke complexity into being with a simple, “Let there be…”

I feel more valuable thinking about my life being a carefully crafted letter penned by His Spirit! A handwritten thank you note or even an email to a friend usually takes a little time on my part to thoughtfully select the best words. Almost without fail I reread every email before sending to confirm my words meant what I intended. But our God doesn’t make mistakes as I do. His words and works are perfectly tuned every time, articulating what He can only say through me or through you.

Which leads to this word workmanship, better expressed as work of art. In the Greek, this word (in Ephesians 2:10) is actually poiema—where we derive our English word poem. God is continually giving voice to Himself as He sculpts and paints and crafts His workmanship and gifting in my life. Like Michelangelo’s assertion—that he chiseled away only what was hiding the form in every block of marble—our Divine Artist knows what beauty of form He wants to set free.

May you join me in generous, joyful, and even exuberant gratitude to our God, whose giving is central to His nature. And may your thanks know no bounds.



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