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Happy holidays. Except it seems all too often that it’s the holidays that bring hurting marriages to life. The stress and the pressure of the season seems to spotlight any—and every—annoyance.

It might be the way you and your husband have argued about holiday plans for weeks now.

It might be the overtly rude comment your sister-in-law snarked to your brother over a hot turkey dinner.

It might be that your dad actually walked out during the holiday festivities, just not feeling like he wanted to be the background to your mom’s over dedication to her children anymore.

It might be that the forced smiles, the well wishes, the Christmas cards, the sparkling lights just won’t hide the reality for another year.

It’s a burden to see marriages failing all around us and not know how to speak into them. What do we even say? Is it so commonplace that we just say nothing? I mean, it’s not like you’re going to take your sister-in-law to coffee to confront her! And it’s not like you’re exactly a marriage expert either (note the ongoing argument about holiday plans).

But how do we just watch families we know and love crumble while standing by?

Thankfully, you can make a huge impact by simply doing what you’re already planning to do. You’re doing Christmas. If you haven’t yet, you’ll likely trim a tree this week with twinkling lights, add on a few red ornaments, drape a piece of burlap underneath. You’ll be going to Christmas parties, buying gifts for teachers, neighbors, friends, and family.

All the while, you’ll feel the ache for unhappy couples you know, for families barely hanging on, for your child’s best friend’s parents who aren’t going to make it.

But you can help change the trajectory of their future. Just by partnering with Ever Thine Home to focus your home on Christmas. Every dollar that you spend at Ever Thine Home goes back into the ministry that we do at FamilyLife.

FamilyLife, our parent brand, builds happier healthier marriages and families through the practical application of time-tested biblical principles. We have weekend getaways that focus on doing marriage right and enjoying a marriage that actually works. We offer thousands of free online articles and blog posts on pertinent marriage topics like When Sex Is at the Bottom of Your List , Defeating Selfishness in Marriage, and Managing Emotions in the Midst of Disagreement.  We have resources for raising your children, books for understanding man and womanhood, meaningful home pieces that refocus your family on truth every day.

When you buy from us at Ever Thine Home, you’re not just decorating your Christmas tree or giving a great gift. When you buy something from Ever Thine Home you are doing something to change your home for next week or next year when you find yourself in a hard place. You are doing something for your parents’ marriage that is just now crumbling 40 years in. You are doing something for your child’s marriage that will come in the next few years. You are doing something for your friend, for your pastor, for your cousin, for your neighbor.

Everywhere we look couples are hurting, marriages are falling apart. Don’t overlook it this Christmas. You can join with us here at Ever Thine Home and FamilyLife to provide help for today and hope for tomorrow for the broken families that you know. Join us to know that you’re changing homes. You’re changing legacies. You’re changing what a family’s Christmas can look like next year by helping us provide resources that help couples stick together.

When you buy from us at Ever Thine Home you are impacting your family for eternity. You are impacting other families for eternity.

Join us now by shopping here or giving here.

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