The Invisible Door


Though theologians have debated this verse and its meaning, the simple among us, including myself, have loved the image of this verse: Jesus standing quietly outside a door which does not have a doorknob of any kind on the outside, gently yet persistently knocking on the closed door. The door itself might be grand and elaborate, even gilded. It might be a piece of tin crudely attached to a shanty. Because of His infinite love Jesus is not stopped by any appearances. What is most important in this image of a door is the complete freedom of the one inside the door to open to Jesus or to blockade the door to keep it firmly closed.

Most of our readers and followers are those who know the Savior. But Jesus also told a story to let us know there are always those who don’t know Him mixed in all churches and families. So the needed question is this: have you opened this door, this invisible door to your heart and soul that no one can see but you and Jesus?

I believe more firmly than ever that a day will come when it will be too late to say yes to Jesus. I pray you will seek Him while He may be found and open the door of your heart to welcome Him in.

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