The Barbara Rainey Podcast: God is Enough


What do you know about Pentecost and the Holy Spirit? I have found that so many people I come in contact with don’t understand who the Holy Spirit is and how He fits into the Trinity. I say all of this because Pentecost–which celebrates the coming of the Spirit–is this Sunday, June 5.

In this episode of The Barbara Rainey Podcast, I talk about Pentecost and what it means for our faith. I take a deep dive into the Scriptures and look at what the Holy Spirit does as He lives within us.

On the subject of the Holy Spirit, I wanted to let you know I am working on a new ebook on the subject of the Holy Spirit that will be released in the next few weeks. Be sure to check your email for the link to download it later this summer. 

For now, I urge you to take a quick listen to this new episode and I pray you learn something new about our great God and the Holy Spirit. You can listen here or on any popular podcast platform.

Ever His,


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