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The image with this prayer is all that is left from the life of my great-grandmother who I never met: an embroidered handkerchief with her name, Sophie, her bible and her watch.  How sad that so little remains from her life and so many others. And yet God keeps watch and remembers.

A year and a half ago a tornado churned across our state in late April and of the many lives lost, one was that of a friend and co-worker. We knew him so well and yet his grandchildren will have no memory and probably not even his watch so complete was the destruction of their home.

Life is short, yet we all live as if we were a permanent fixture on the planet. God counsels us to number our days—reminding us we are like grass, which grows up, then quickly wilts and dies. Remembering life is but a breath away from ending revitalizes us with intensity, purpose and hopefully gratitude for the gift of every day given. Someone has said that people and God’s Word alone will live on to eternity. That simple statement is good for realigning our priorities and values in light of the nearness of eternity.

Although there is much bad news us every day, yet in the midst of it all there is the scarlet thread of God’s redemptive work. He who can turn the wickedness of the cross into the resurrection can also bring good out of anything we face.

May you remember today that your life, which is of immense value but little length, is a gift to be used for purposes that matter wherever He has placed you for such a time as this. Will you thank Him for His gift of breath today? Will you help your children to do the same?

And will you talk about the nearness of eternity with your family and friends so that when that door opens for you or one of them there will be no question where the next step will lead?

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