Sweetest Kid Valentine Cards…EVER

Crafting Valentine cards for our children’s classmates is an annual tradition we all enjoyed, both mom and kids. I loved seeing my children decide which card to give to whom and find delight in brightening their friend’s day.

But for family and special friends, I wanted them to give meaningful valentines.

Every Valentine’s season for years and years, we scattered red, white, and pink construction paper over the kitchen table. We added scissors, glue, glitter, and white paper doilies, and together we made valentines for each other.

Silly-cartoon inspired valentines from the store that meant nothing were not my idea of meaningful for those relationships that I prayed would last a lifetime. So I guided my kids to choose boxes of store bought cards with the best expressions for school mates, but for family home made cards was a creative tradition we all shared.

I knew if I was intentional, we could make this standard holiday filled with sharing God’s love.  The ultimate goal for our kids is to help them be genuine and authentic when they participate in this cultural holiday.

But now we’ve created the CUTEST. Most MEANINGFUL.  Valentine cards EVER!!!

Be His Valentine cards are perfect for classroom and for family! Your kids can give them to Sunday School teachers, Grandparents, truly ANYONE!

Be His cards are a set of 15 vintage designed cards each with a Bible verse printed on the front. These cards make giving valentines extra special because God’s love is the best love, the love we all need most.

This year, make the classic card exchange meaningful and truth-filled. Help your kids make a statement of encouragement, hope, love, or affection.

Here’s a quick DIY idea to personalize an already cute, meaningful card if you want a craft time with your kids. Scatter supplies on the kitchen table and craft these up to ready for your child’s classmates and friends.

This is super easy. Your kids can definitely take the lead on this.  Tune in to our Facebook video that walks you through how to do this.

Gather your supplies:

  • 1 set of Be His Valentine Cards (Remember 15 come in a pack, so you may need to get an extra set depending on your child’s class size.)
  • Festive twine or ribbon. We picked up this red and white Spritz brand twine in the Target party section.
  • Your choice of Valentine’s suckers. We chose Tootsie Pops because the pink wrapper is vibrant and everyone loves that yummy filling.
  • Hole punch
  • Scissors
  1. Punch a hole along the left-hand side of your card, about halfway up.
  2. Cut a piece of ribbon about 6 inches long. This doesn’t have to be exact. We didn’t actually measure. Just cut an appropriate length that will secure the sucker to the card.
  3. Loop the twine through the hole and tie around the sucker. Tying a knot at first secures the sucker best. Then loop into a regular tie. 

4. Flip the card over to address the recipient on the back and you’re set!

You have a festive, yummy, and truthful treat to show love to those around you. Let us know how yours turn out!

Two years ago, we launched our “Be His” Valentine’s Day cards and ever since, we have been more and more convinced that they are the cutest (and most truth filled!) cards we have ever seen. Yes, we might be biased, but these 15 Valentine cards declaring God’s heart for His children are little cards with BIG truths and a great opportunity to teach your children how to share the gospel with their friends.

Grab a couple packs and get to crafting with your children for meaningful, adorable valentines.

We are excited to give away two sets of “Be His” Valentine’s Day cards to
TWO of our faithful friends!

TWO easy ways to enter:
1. Comment below with a favorite Valentine’s Day Tradition
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Giveaway ENDS Sunday, January 21st at 12:00 pm

Happy Sharing!!

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13 thoughts on “Sweetest Kid Valentine Cards…EVER”

    1. Hi Margaret — your name was also randomly selected as our winner of the Be His Cards! We will e-mail you for your address. :)

  1. My mom made cut out heats connected together, pinned a tapestry swatch to it. Then she wrote some of the most beautiful verses about love and how we are all woven into the likeness of Christ. I think I still have these and love them. Of course she also wrote a sweet note about how we are each so loved by our parents.

  2. One touching memory I have is my husband wrote a love letter to all three daughters when they were early teens. They just loved it and treasured them and still have them. Also, one year when the kids were older we had a candlelight dinner and they served us to make it special.

  3. For the month of February I decorate the house with Valentine decor. My husband and I read a “How Do I Love Thee” heart in the evening . We also read from a book of poetry and past Valentine cards we have given each other. Then on Valentine’s day we celebrate by making a special meal at home and watching a good movie. Every year it is a meaningful and enjoyable holiday.

  4. When my daughters were about middle school aged, I cut out pink and red hearts and glued heart-shaped paper lace on the top. Then on the paper lace, I would write love messages to them. I then taped a ribbon on the top of the heart and hung each one of them on the outside of their bedroom door frames while they were asleep. When they awoke in the morning and opened their doors on Valentine’s Day, they would see the messages.

  5. A favorite Valentine’s Day tradition we have is that my husband and I the night before hand make a valentine for each of our children. The ones made by me often involve colored cardstock put together to make cute critters or that tie into a certain interest a child has that particular year, and the ones my husband has made have involved cardstock, or paper plates, or his artistic pencil drawings. Then I set the table pretty for a simple but sweet Valentine’s breakfast with the valentine’s gracing their spot at the table. Our children are now 16, 14, and 10, but it’s, of course, a tradition we still carry on! : ) A favorite Valentine’s Day picture book of ours is “Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch!”

  6. We hang up hearts around our home on our ever thine home chain garland. Each time some does something sweet, we write it on a heat and hang it! We have a bagful of hearts waiting!

    1. YAY! So glad you use our chain garland to hang the hearts around your home. AND your name was random selected as the winner of this giveaway! We will e-mail you for your address!

  7. We make heart shaped cookies and decorate with fun icing and designs, then share with church or AWANA class. Sometimes we’ve shared with the fishermen that frequently pass by our home.

  8. Our Valentine’s Day tradition is our families getting together and baking a not so sugary heart shaped goodies,bread and crafts… our home would (will) be filled with hearts and the sweet aroma of herbs and spices😊

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