Stunned by Death

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Yesterday we marked the anniversary of the most miraculous moment since the dawn of time.

Today, though, how changed are we by the remembrance?

Of course we weren’t there that day so we use the agility of our made-in-His-image brains to imagine what that experience must have been like. I find it takes focus to mentally voyage to the scene of the empty tomb; the greater difficulty is to hold on to that imagined “great joy, marvel, wonder and amazement.”

Like Martha, I often feel I have too much to do to think about those moments.

But I believe we must go there, not just at Easter.  Frequently throughout the year, regularly throughout the day, consistently throughout the moments of our lives, we must remember, marvel, and rejoice in the beauty of the cross.

Are we open to remaining stunned by this incomprehensible miracle? Have we moved on as if Resurrection Day were simply another Sunday?

In these next days, all of us will face situations that offer us a choice. Do we believe that God can strengthen, supply, or act because of the Easter victory He won? Or will we respond like many in all four gospels who “refused to believe, would not believe, or thought it nonsense”?

I want my life to be characterized by wonder that my God has conquered death and therefore, my problems and difficulties, both life-altering ones and mundane ones, are nothing He cannot work together for good.

I want His victory over death to mark my life every day with a taste of the same wonder and great joy His disciples felt. I want a faith that marvels, even as I wait imperfectly to join His resurrection.

Will you ask Him to give you eyes to see and a heart to keep the wonder of His miracle alive within you every day for the rest of your life?

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