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Have you transitioned from Valentine’s to Easter yet? It’s time! This year, I am suggesting we make it much more than a Sunday morning event. Here are a few ideas to get started today.

Start thinking about Easter and begin planning this week. Don’t wait till Palm Sunday. Lent began on February 14! It is a season intended to help us prepare our hearts to receive and worship Jesus for His work on the cross. You aren’t a failure if you start late.

Jump in on the countdown with our Easter Countdown Banner to help you and your family prepare your hearts. Or DIY a countdown of your own. Make a traditional numbered a paper chain for your kids to tear off one paper loop each day.

Decorate your house for Easter. We’re all anticipating Spring. So adding in little pops of reminder here and there will get your hearts ready for celebrating Resurrection Sunday too. But forego the chicks and bunnies. Instead, hang the Easter Banner on your front door. Set fresh spring flowers on your mantle or kitchen to represent new life. Encourage your kids to build a cross with old pieces of wood and let them decide where to display it.

Include your kids. We’ll have lots of DIY ideas on the blog for you to have your kids participate in the anticipation of the coming Easter holiday too. Join us this year as we become #EasterPeople.

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6 thoughts on “Start Today”

  1. My family and I are new to celebrating Lent. I just received my new Easter Countdown Banner this week. I am having trouble figuring out when to begin day 40. If I begin day 40 on Ashe Wednesday(Feb 14th), then day 1ends up being on Palm Sunday (March 25th) instead of Easter (April1st). Could you help me figure this out please?

  2. The church I grew up in didn’t celebrate Lent, mainly Palm Sunday and Easter. But I’ve enjoyed learning about Lent and anticipating Resurrection Sunday! I received my precious Countdown Banner this week, but am confused as to what day I should be on. I can’t seem to match up Ash Wednesday, Feb 14 with Easter April 1st using the Easter Advent Calendar, “Waiting for the Lamb”. When I count the days I would be a week behind. Today is Sat, Feb. 24. What number should I have the marker on?

    1. Penny! So glad you’re enjoying learning with us! Today would be day 31 in the countdown calendar. We will send you an e-mail about following along with us! :) Happy Saturday!

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