Sometimes I Feel Like My Granddaughter Annabelle

A week ago I hopped in the car with my daughter-in-law Marsha Kay and granddaughters Annabelle and Katie for a quick trip to Annabelle’s elementary school to see who her fifth grade teacher was. And of course she was eager to see which of her friends was in her class.

In her cute new purple tennis shoes she stood on tiptoe to read the names. Mr Olson was her teacher which meant she was in one of the portable classrooms. Her shoulders slumped. Next she scanned the list of students and at first glance didn’t see any of the names she hoped to read under Mr. Olson. Her heart sank, but her mom said let’s take a picture of the list and look more closely, I’m sure some of your friends are on the list.

(Left to right: Caroline, Savannah & Annabelle)

Have you ever felt like Annabelle? A new beginning is in front of you and you’re not sure you like the doctor or the new neighbor or the new city you’re living in. You wonder if you too will ever make friends in this new like you did in the old?

When we got in the car Marsha Kay said to Annabelle, you know how we pray about everything, so let’s pray. You start. Annabelle prayed, Jesus help me have the right attitude, help me make new friends and make this school year a good one for me. Amen.

A fifth grader gets it! Surrendering to Jesus is the key to all things new and old.

I prayed for Annabelle too, said Amen, then we pulled out of the school parking lot and headed home. On the way Annabelle reread the list on her mom’s phone and discovered two friends from third grade who weren’t in her class in fourth but were now back in her class and she was pleased. Renewed hope began to blossom.

As Dennis, Laura and I start this new year with Ever Thine Home we happily have some of our old friends from last year still with us, but others we’ve lost touch with. Like many of you we are wondering what the future holds, asking ourselves will God bless our new beginnings? Will he bring us lots of new friends this year?

My daughter Laura has been busily working on our website, updating it, refreshing it, creating a great new store page and more. She’s also been cooking up something new which I’ll tell you about in a couple weeks. Until then watch for the new upgrades and changes and we will be in touch soon about when our store reopens.

Invite your friends to join you the next time you come visit. I’d love to meet them, answer their questions and enlarge our circle to include them within.

Hope you have a good week whether you are in a new city as this school year starts in a new classroom of God’s choosing like Annabelle or in a new beginning like we are at Ever Thine Home.

And may you be like Annabelle who understood as she faced a new year with a new teacher and new friends that God is the key to all things new and old because He will never leave her or forsake her.  

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7 thoughts on “Sometimes I Feel Like My Granddaughter Annabelle”

  1. God’s good and perfect blessings to all of you at Ever Thine Home!!! You are a true blessing to me-always sharing helpful, Biblical insight that equips the saints so well!!! In Christ.

  2. Thanks for anabela has encouraged alot aswe”family”moving to a new house.l expect alot of changes.

  3. Thank you Lord that Annabel trusted in you. May each of us do the same and in all our ways aknowledge you because you will make our paths straight. Thank you for your good and perfect will. And thank you for those in this next generation who know how to pray and who have relationship with you. We give you thanks and praise. Amen. Happy Friday everyone!

  4. Thank you for the reinforcement of prayer. I struggle with this because I always assume prayer needs to be a long, deep, structured communication; which actually draws me further away. I need to remember short, sincere, and optimistic prayers are just as “good”. Thank you for sharing. Your granddaughter is inspirational! Her arrow has been amazingly created! God bless y’all.

  5. happy that I didn’t delete husband and I are considering selling our house and downgrading..not sure where we will move and this eased my mind to know that we can all start over and ask God to bless us and be with us..thank you to you ,your daughter and granddaughter..anxious to read your future websites..

  6. Hello,

    Thank you for this beautiful story about new beginnings. I hope Annabelle is having a great beginning to fifth grade. ♥

    I have a couple of suggestions about products for your Ever Thine Home store. I also have a God story about one of your products that I would like to share with you. Where is the best place to make the product suggestion, and where can I share the God story? Also, will you have more Christmas tree skirts for this year? The website says they are sold out.

    Thank you.

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