Secret Door


Another kind of door is revealed to us in this verse; an invisible door, a tiny door that is the gateway to your heart, or perhaps a literal door to a prayer closet or a small chapel in your home which several friends of mine have. Jesus is teaching that prayer is a personal intimate relationship with His Father. Like a marriage in which some aspects of the relationship are private, so our conversations with our Father in heaven are not for show or for the approval of others. But the flip side of this privacy is that it can be ignored. Out of sight, out of mind is a common struggle for most.

My daughter, mom of six boys, recently converted a very small closet in her kitchen to a prayer room. She managed to fit a tiny desk and chair in there so she could periodically escape the cacophony of her children’s noise and needs to think and pray.

What does the door to your secret place look like? Remember what is most important about this invisible door is it can be opened and entered anytime anywhere. The Father is always waiting, even longing to hear from His children. Will you talk and listen to Him today?

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1 thought on “Secret Door”

  1. My son at 4 years old created a space similar to an escape from his 2 sisters.
    I came looking for him one afternoon, in his corner of the room was a closet, the door was shut but an electric
    Cord was going inside the closet!? I gently opened the door to find him tucked in there with his precious things and a lamp! He had created a private place all his own! (My son Dennis passed away at 16) this was a happy young man. Good to share one of many fond memories.

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