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Motherhood, for me, was a minefield of less-than-honorable passions. Sloughing through a thankless and often humiliating gauntlet of messes and mistakes elicited more anger and exhausted misery than I ever thought possible.  Yes, there were multitudes of joys. But that was not where most of the lessons were learned.

Not until I had been mothering for almost two decades did I fully understand and accept that motherhood was God’s school of reformation for me.  His training efforts in my heart were as vital to Him as the training of my children was to me!  I could not find success in my role without continually, daily—even hourly—submitting myself to His government of my life and my home…and my frustrated, spent heart.

There are two parts to this mysterious motherhood lesson plan of His:  to earnestly pray for stamina to regulate my passions, aka my frustrations, my anger, my impatience, and yet to simultaneously not depend on my own strength to do so.  Susanna’s prayer comforts me because she let’s me know she too, saint that she was, had struggles as a mom.

Only He can give me patience when I have none, strength to reply in gentleness when my flesh wants to yell, and self-control in other difficult situations.  But I must ask Him and be willing to ask hourly or even every other minute.

Mothering is such a thankless job, but the God who gave me my children sees all and it is Him I must please.  As we start another school year it’s a good time to reflect on what’s ahead and ask these questions.

  • Am I depending on what I possess?
  • In recognition of my utter bankruptcy will I lean on Him alone?
  • Am I willing to recognize that motherhood is God’s school of training in godliness for me?

From one who failed more than I ever imagined I would, I want to encourage you to ask God for all that you need over and over and over. Learn to pray minute by minute if needed during your day.  And give thanks for the unending messes and lessons that have to be repeated because God gave you these children for your good, for their good and for His glory. He makes NO mistakes! And that’s worth celebrating!



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7 thoughts on “Schooling for Moms”

  1. Thank you SO much for This! After 38 years of not desiring children, God changed my heart, and I have a beautiful boy. But sometimes I feel alone in my exhaustion, frustration, and the feelings that come up. These feelings make me doubt whether I should have more children. Praying for God’s clarity. Anyhow, I appreciate the reminder that, even as a believer, I am still flesh and blood, and it’s a battle against the devil that we’re in.
    Blessings to you.

    1. I also wonder if more women knew these feelings are normal, that those who Choose not to stay home (and I have met many), would instead become homemakers.

  2. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I am the mother of 3 girls, or shall I say young ladies 19, 21, 24 all home:) 2will still attend college in the Fall and one has graduated. Can I tell you that I thought it would get easier…not so much, just different! Some days I cannot find the strength to deal – I can’t tell how especially grateful I am today, and most days for your blog. I needed to read this today. God’s signs are everywhere, we just need to pay attention to them and be grateful when they come. You are a very special person in my life and hope by Gods grace we get the chance to meet. Though I feel like you already know who we are, because you have touch our spirit. May you continue to be blessed in all that you do. I take nothing for granted.
    “All Good, All Things, All God” Roman 8:28 -May you all have a blessed day.

  3. Thank you for the word of encouragement. Never looked at motherhood as God’s school of reformation. Too often I find myself impatient with my son and slow to learn and remember what He has taught me. I tend to forget in my impatience God’s patience towards me when I fall short and His grace towards me. Thank you for the reminder to ask His help in time of weakness and to ask over and over again and minute by minute if need be.

  4. I feel like exactly like this! Thank you for encouraging all of us mom’s who are in the elementary school of hard rock, paper, & hurry up and eat your veggies! Is anybody else singing “Come Lord, Jesus Come.” This blog is a huge blessing for me to follow. Thank you again!

    1. Love your photo! what cute little ones you have. Mothering is one of the hardest yet most rewarding jobs on earth. I’m grateful my words were an encouragement to you. Keep praying and trusting in Jesus, and teach your little ones all about Him!
      bless you.

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