Pro Adoption is Pro Life

This week, as we mark the anniversary of the Roe v Wade ruling in 1973, I wanted to send a quick note about a talk Dennis and I gave a few years ago about the sanctity of life. In this podcast called Pro Adoption is Pro Life, we share five truths we’ve learned  around God’s command to care for the orphan. Those points include: lead the fatherless to the Father, find ways to go near orphans, give sacrificially, empty your state’s foster care system, and become pro-life and pro adoption.

In about 30 minutes, we cover some serious ground explaining each of those ideas and what each one could look like for you and your family.

We also created a download of these five bullet points so you can print them out and hang the card in a place where you will see it and remember to pray about how you can be involved in the support of orphans and orphan care work.

On a fun note, we are now on all major podcast platforms, so simply search for The Barbara Rainey Podcast and you will find us there! 

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I hope you will give this podcast a listen and pray about your involvement!

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