Parenting: What a Messy Way to Make a Masterpiece

Have you ever watched a sculptor at work? She works the clay with her hands; molding it, shaping it with thumbs that scoop, dig and push the wet pliable earth into an image no one sees but the artist. Every touch is intentional. The sculptor is strengthening the clay, refining the form, emphasizing the details. Finally one day the work is finished. Though beautiful on its own, a clay sculpture is often only a model of what will eventually be chiseled out of marble.

God made Adam similarly, I imagine. Wet, clay-like earth filled the Creator’s hands as He worked to shape the design He envisioned. Full of texture and movement with planes that rounded into curves or bent at angles, His handiwork was created to house His Spirit and reflect His image.

Can you picture those heavenly hands covered in mud?

Parenting is a lot like that. It’s a messy, very hands-on art. Getting clay under your fingernails, paint on your clothes, or marble dust in your nostrils is part of mom art.

Your hands and back cramp from hours of holding the baby just so. Your knees will hurt and your heart will break from the passionate protective prayers only a father and mother can feel for their little works of art. And it means only an artist who has been willing to try and fail and try again a thousand times can know the eventual satisfaction of a child who has grown up to become pliable clay in the Master’s hand.

The handiwork is worth it all in the end for it is the heart of your child that God sees and longs to be His. It is the image of Jesus He wants to reveal in our sons and our daughters. And He plans to use you to as His hands of shaping and correction, His arms of encouragement and release, His heart of love and compassion.

We invite you to join us for the four Mondays in April as we look at four essential parenting goals for every child; four foundation stones that will secure your child’s heart to the Rock of Jesus for life. And don’t do this alone. Commit a time with your spouse to read through each week’s post even if it’s separately on your own time. Then discussion questions will be included each week so that you and your spouse can consider together how to be the best mom and dad your children need.

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8 thoughts on “Parenting: What a Messy Way to Make a Masterpiece”

  1. Julie A Reynolds

    Thank you for this! I plan to share with my children and participate myself for my grandchildren

  2. My kids are grown but planning to learn for my future grandkids. So much I wish I had known when mine were young.

    1. Amen. I cling to the verse in proverbs that says train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart Waiting to see it manifest in my daughter

      We must be prayer warriors for children, in laws, and Grands!!!

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