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1 thought on “Our Christmas Card for You”

  1. This is a thank you note. I have to admit that I’m sorry to see you no longer have actual decorative items for sale. I, also, realize that was probably never the intended purpose of your ministry. I want you to know that they hooked me on reading more from your blog, books, downloads, etc. The items I bought for my “Jesus Tree” are a constant reminder of the true message of Christmas – and keep my focus more on God and his dearly begotten Son. I’m happy to say that I bought a LOT of ornaments and have given them as gifts for the last 3 years to people who minister in my church with me, family, and now to friends and college students who are away from home. I have Easter items, and books for my grandchildren to look at, too Thank you for the wonderful work you do on behalf of spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ and helping the ever tricky sanctification process we all go through (like marriage and child-rearing)! I appreciate that you have taken much time and expense to follow through on the ministry God put before you. What a lovely way to help live out salvation in front of others. Thank you. All praise be the Great and Holy God we serve.

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