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My daughter and her friends often choose one word to mark as a sign-post the beginning of each new year. It may be a quality or value that they are choosing to believe for that year, or a lifestyle change that they are excited to try, or it may be just a word that they have been thinking about and want to continue to ponder it’s meaning in their life for that year.

As Christmas recedes and another new year begins, all of us sense the anticipation of a fresh start. Many get out their pens and paper to jot down some New Years resolutions which work their way into conversations as January’s talking points. What are you going to change this year? What workout are you going to add? How are you going to live 2015 differently? These questions aren’t bad and can be quite helpful if they line up with God’s designs, but usually they are dependent on self effort so like flowers that fade New Years resolutions blossom and die quickly.

We would love for you to join us in choosing a word not for self-effort so that you can change your life but as a focus for learning more about the God who made you and who orders your world. Let’s take the freshness we all sense in this new year, this hope of something new. Use the opportunity to reflect on the last year, to see the places that God moved and worked in our lives and then bravely ask Him to open up new doors, new opportunities, and new understanding in this new year.

We are going to feature “One Word” over the next few days that some of our friends have chosen to live in this year and we would love to know what word you are choosing for 2015.

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4 thoughts on “One Word”

  1. I too have chosen a word rather than make resolutions each year for quite some time. Last year I chose possibility and boy did I learn a great lesson. Even when all possibilities seem to be exhausted today, tomorrow brings new possibilities and what a gift it is.
    This year I chose CLARITY and I have already realized God brings all the clarity anyone needs for any situation at any time in life.
    Thanks for your ministry.

  2. I think my word is SABBATH or REST. I desperately need to learn how to honor the Sabbath and rest my mind, body and soul. Being married to a pastor makes it difficult to do that. So, I want to REST in every aspect of the word: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

  3. My one word seems to be ‘wait’. It has been the same these past 5 years. But ‘hope’ is also right there with it. Having Ongoing Positive Expectation. My husband of 34 yrs, my Dad, step-Mom, most of my family all do not know The Lord as Saviour. Excited to see what The Lord will do this new year!

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