The Barbara Rainey podcast: Getting Ready to Release Your Teens

Do you remember when you were 17 or 18 years old? Do you remember struggling with things like time management, learning the value of a dollar, and making sense of this crazy world? In today’s episode of The Barbara Rainey Podcast, Dennis and I talk about some of the lessons we learned while guiding our six children through their teenage years.

We talk about when to “bail out” your kids and when to let them learn a lesson. We also talk about starting to give more freedom to your teens during their senior year of high school so they can hopefully learn some lessons at home before they are out on their own. Dennis also reads a poem (because I couldn’t get through it!) written by our kids’ youth pastor and read at their youth group senior dinner. Our son Benjamin was in that senior class. It was a powerful moment we’ve never forgotten.

Next week is spring break here in Arkansas—hard to believe spring is almost here when we had snow last week! And all too quickly the school year will come to an end. And don’t worry, it’s not too late if you have seniors in your house to start implementing some of the practices we recommend in this podcast before they head off on their own.

And if you have teens about to graduate you might want to consider my book, Barbara and Susan’s Guide to the Empty Nest. It’s been a great help to many moms as they prepare to enter a new season without children living at home.

I pray this podcast gives you some encouragement and some practical ways to help launch your arrows into the world!

You can listen here or on any of the main podcast platforms.

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Buy your copy here!


Buy your copy here!

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