My Favorite Prayer, Because I’ve Repeated It So Many Times Recently

Do you ever feel like I do … weary, broken, bewildered?

Do you ever feel beat up by the world, by circumstances, by life in general?

Do you ever feel like your brain is clogged, in a fog, unable to form words, at a loss for what to pray to God? No words make sense?

I do.

Often when these questions describe my life, a day or a season of days, the words of the old hymn, “Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah” come back to me and each time express perfectly what I can’t say with words of my own.

“Guide me.” I so often don’t know what choice to make of the seemingly dozens of things I could do with my few minutes of time. Or the decision we need to make is about as clear as mud; not enough facts, not enough money, not enough time to see the way ahead clearly. I need guidance.

“O Thou great Jehovah.” When I say this name of my God I picture the God of the Pentateuch who led the children of Israel through the desert. They had no idea where this promised land was. They had no maps, no GPS.  But Jehovah God, the One who named Himself Provider, Healer, Shepherd, Banner, Peace, Presence and our Righteousness, promised to get them there. I need this same Jehovah to guide me.

“Pilgrim through this weary land.” When I’m feeling lost over what to do, bewildered or confused by choices, I am reminded that this earth is not my home. I am a pilgrim or, as Hebrews says, an alien and a stranger on earth. The land itself and all it contains is weary as Romans says the creation waits eagerly and groans longing for its freedom from bondage to corruption (Romans 8:19-23). Always when I pray this prayer I too am weary, a directionless wanderer, and eager to be released from the constraints of this broken world. I am a pilgrim.

“I am weak.” My senses are not what they will be one day. I strain to hear Your voice, Your whisper, to see Your clear path before me. I am weak.

“But Thou art mighty.” Remembering the limitless mighty power of my God lifts my eyes, my heart to believe I will be led in the right way. He knows I am weak, and He loves  me anyway and will guide me! He is mighty!

“Hold me in Thy powerful hand.” What a comfort it is to be reminded that He holds me in His hand. And not just any hand, but a powerful one that will not let me go. Jesus told us, “no one shall snatch them out of My hand…and no one is able to snatch them out of my Father’s hand. I and the Father are one” (John 10:28-30). He is powerful!

“Bread of Heaven.”  From the first pages of the Bible, through the captivity in Egypt and the journey through the desert, to the words of Jesus, God has made it clear He is the source of our life and our sustenance. He gave His children manna and Jesus declared, “I am the Bread of Life” (John 6:35). In hard times or challenging days I’m more aware of my need for His provision and it is always a good reminder that He is my food. He is my Bread of Life!

“Feed me till I want no more.” This ending line of the chorus for this hymn declares my heart’s desire to be filled with all of Him. What I possess in wisdom, intelligence, talent, or strength is never enough. In fact it is nothing at all compared to His infinite everything! He will feed me and sustain me!

After singing this several times in my head (never out loud because I scare myself), I begin to relax, to remember He can be trusted again today, in this new situation in which I feel at a loss. He is not surprised, not bewildered, not afraid, not confused, not overwhelmed.

Nothing about my life is impossible for Him.



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12 thoughts on “My Favorite Prayer, Because I’ve Repeated It So Many Times Recently”

  1. Thank you for the message…I was teary eyed after reading knowing that God’s is greater than my circumstances.. Pls pray for me and my family and all…
    Thank you…

    1. Barbara Rainey

      Praying for you this morning, Michelle. May the Lord strengthen you and be near to you today and every minute!

  2. Such a great hymn. So much depth to the older songs. Praying for you today Barbara and asking God to bless you with indescribable peace and answers that are “exceedingly above all that we could ask or think”. He is so faithful!

  3. This is so great. I’m going to print it out and hang it in my kitchen so I’m often reminded of these truths.

    Thank you

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