Love Each Other Deeply


The verses this month have progressed from affection to continuing to love. This week Peter tells us to love deeply. And with all of our hearts! Wow! The kind of love God tells us to have in this verse is much more than a superficial act. Faking deep love just isn’t possible.

Jesus told His disciples that the watching world, which includes your neighbors and your friends at school, will know you are a Christian by your love. It’s not optional to love your brothers and sisters. The good news is Jesus will give us His love, if we will ask Him, every time ours isn’t enough.

-Is sincere love the same as genuine affection?

-Give some examples of each.

-What would you act like if you love someone with all of your heart?

-Think of someone who has loved you sincerely and deeply. Consider writing him or her a card expressing your thanks for the kind of love you have received.

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Love each other deeply

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