King of Kings Giveaway!


In this season of giving, which our Father in heaven demonstrated for us, we give gifts to one another in imitation of Him. Today we finish our second giveaway and will be announcing a winner.

Recently I’ve been reading and learning much about Jewish history and traditions, one of which was the drawing of lots. We think of “drawing straws” or pulling a name out of a hat or a bowl as being completely random, but the Jews didn’t. They had, and those who believe still have, such a reverence for the sovereignty of God that many decisions were made this way in their culture.  They trusted God’s hand to rule completely.

As we announce our winner of the King of Kings charm necklace we join with our Jewish friends in believing God has chosen the recipient for reasons only He knows. The winner is: Natalie Schmotzer! {Please e-mail us your mailing address to [email protected] within 24 hours.}

Thanks to everyone who entered the contest, who wrote comments on our blog, all of which we have read, and who follow us at Ever Thine Home.

May you and yours be ever HIS!

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