I’ve Been Waiting to Tell you….

Waiting can make things sweeter, though we don’t usually choose it. The birth of Jesus was a very LONG time coming, but “in the fullness of time” was the perfect moment. So today is the day for two pieces of good news!

Since last spring I’ve been wanting to make this big announcement but the time wasn’t right, others had to know first, then months later we were distracted. But now is the time.


Laura is pregnant!!! Our last is having her first in mid-November and we enjoyed a shower in her honor a few weeks ago. Her little one, sex unknown, has been very affectionately named CherryBerry because early in her pregnancy her app updated the growing baby’s size by comparing it to fruits; from a blueberry to a cherry to a strawberry. CherryBerry will be our 24th grandchild and we are so excited!

Two of her sisters, several of her dearest friends and many who have known Laura her whole life joined to celebrate God’s amazing miracle of new life this past weekend. We ate delicious food, opened gifts and prayed over my girl and her sweet little one. It was a wonderful morning.

Stay tuned for the baby reveal in November!

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