How to Teach Your Kids About Lent and Easter


Have you ever tried to solve a mystery?

Some of the most fascinating detective stories are full of twists and turns that leave you surprised and hungry for more. Did you know that God’s story in the Bible is actually a series of clues? It’s true! And the clues reveal one of the most mind-boggling mysteries of all time.

You see, with God nothing is random. Every detail is ordered with purpose. So His clues aren’t haphazard or left behind accidentally. They are purposeful and perfectly orchestrated.

As parents we long to influence our children toward truth, to connect with them in meaningful ways. When we teach them about Jesus we are taking our children’s hands and helping them touch the transcendent unseen. Bringing the reality of the eternal to our homes knits relationships together.

But HOW? Sometimes that feels like the biggest mystery of all.

Reading Bible stories is good. Praying with your children is also good. But so many of us long for interactive experiences, too.

I remember well how busy I as a mom of six. It was a challenge to create meaningful moments with my children. But we must find a way to do this, especially as we enter Lent season!

So I want to help you with six easy, practical little moments to love your family through Easter.  Grab your magnifying glass and put on your sleuth jacket. A 2,000 year old mystery awaits!

Six weekly lessons, beginning next week on Ash Wednesday, will lead your family through conversations, hot on the trail to discovering the true meaning of Lent and unearthing the joy of Easter’s miraculous resurrection. Children of all ages can become detectives, solving clues that lead to the greatest mystery of all: the Messiah.

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May God bless you as you seek and find clues to the Messiah Mystery during the season of Lent.



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    1. Wonderful! We’d love to have you join the Lent conversation! There is a box to subscribe to the blog at the bottom of the page. If you enter your information there, you’ll receive a weekly email with the posts included.

  1. We did this with my Sunday school class two years ago, it was the highlight of their year. Can’t wait to do again.

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