Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you and perhaps your family, too, have made this month a focus on thankfulness and gratitude. But God desires for us to notice and not forget His goodness for much longer than one month. The frenzied pace of Christmas has already begun. Are you forgetting already to be thankful? 

“God satisfies your YEARS with good things,” reminds me that God is with me for the duration of my life and my children and grandchildren’s lives after I am gone. He is forever good.  He is forever love. He is forever performing the words of this psalm: pardoning, healing, redeeming, crowning, and satisfying His beloved children. You and me.

May you become and remain an effusively thankful and grateful child of the King. Happy Thanksgiving!

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1 thought on “Happy Thanksgiving!”

  1. Praying for Laura as she comes down the home stretch… Think it’s so wonderful that your 24th grandchild will be born around your favorite time of year! God’s blessings rain down on the Raineys!!!

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