The Goodness of Providence


In my fascination with the roots of our faith, I’ve come to love the old-world reference to God as “Providence.”

I love how it encapsulates His protective care. It describes His actions throughout history supplying the needs of humankind, especially for we who believe in His name.  That root word, provide, reminds me of that part of God’s person which consistently, unreservedly meets our needs because He loves us. He knows what we need before we even ask, even think.

But there is a larger implication in this prayer, which brings me great comfort.  God is continually acting, working, directing, engaging in infinite ways to orchestrate all the events of our world, and even of the universe beyond, completingHis original design.  My seemingly insignificant life, my problems teetering on the overwhelming, my complex relationships are not beyond Him. He is able.

In the not yet finished world in which we live, a world rocked daily by terror, strife and threats, there is available a Peace that passes understanding. It’s guaranteed, in fact, when we fix our minds on an unwavering, trustworthy God. “Nothing is impossible with God”—and He will make all things work together for good to those who love Him.

I’m counting on that sure promise.  Are you?

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