Friends & Family May 2022

Has May become like December for you, too?

When our kids were in school I discovered that both months feature packed schedules. Extra events times six (surrounding the end of the school year and then high school graduations) made May on par with December. So this month’s letter will be a small photo album because this May was no exception for Dennis and me.

The first week of May was focused on my final exam for my seminary class on History of Doctrine. And it was really hard. My study partner and I both felt it was much more difficult than the midterm. Oh well, it’s done and I’m grateful for the summer break. (But look for my big “Ah ha!” take-away below.)

We also attended high school graduations for two grandkids—one in Russellville, Arkansas, and one in Colorado.

Graduation with grandson Tyler, who is headed for Texas A & M in the fall

Graduation with granddaughter Savannah

And then came a grandson’s wedding with the showers, rehearsal dinner, and the actual wedding on May 22.

James and Hillyn at their couples shower

James and Hillyn Escue

We were gone most of the month but it was the best kind of travel, full of good things with our kids and their families. Multiple memories were made.

For Ever Thine Home it was a full month too as we had an all-day planning meeting on May 13 to get as much on the calendar for the rest of 2022 as possible. We began planning for two big ideas I’ve wanted to do now for a while and we talked about processes and systems so we can all work smarter not harder. It was a really good day. I’m truly excited about all the synergy we created and the ideas that are on the planning calendar. I think you will like them too.

Since May is so busy, even though it’s almost over I’ll end with this announcement.

I’m excited to let you know we are producing a new ebook on the Holy Spirit! Many of you have asked for more teaching and encouragement on this member of the Trinity who is shamefully overlooked in our churches today for the most part. Watch for this newest ebook later in the month of June. And it will be a prelude to a Bible study, God willing, on the Holy Spirit next summer.

I pray you will download it and read it and then share it with many in your family and your friends. We all need to understand Him and the work He loves to do in and for us, the beloved of God.

May your summer be refreshing but also most importantly refueling as you focus on your relationship with Jesus Christ.

Ever His,


P.S. Dennis asked me the week after my class final what was my favorite part or the lesson I learned that stood out. As I thought about it for the next few days I realized there are two:

First, I’m so incredibly grateful that we live in the times after Reformation. The Reformation brought enormous changes to what was at that time the one church worldwide. Luther and his fellow reformers taught that all believers can read the Bible for themselves, and the invention of the printing press made that possible. They preached faith alone, Christ alone, and grace alone. The wicked practices of earning merits for salvation and paying church priests for forgiveness of sins was done away with. The freedom to read the Bible and know the relief of forgiveness that we enjoy today is unlike what most people knew centuries before 1500.

Second, I am amazed at the brilliance of the early Church fathers and theologians. They wrote and taught truths that are still part of our churches today, even though many of these teachings were ignored from 500 to 1000 A.D. Augustine, Athanasius, Tertullian, and many many others gave us volumes of books and letters. Our generation thinks we are so smart with all our technology, but these men were truly brilliant and we are the beneficiaries of their work done without a printing press or Google searches.

Hope you enjoyed!

For Christ alone!


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